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ISBN-10: 1-77115-266-4
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Science Fiction
eBook Length: 192 Pages
Published: October 2015
Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

Pitting human evil against human good, an apocalyptic invasion of Earth by an unknown species from below brings about the possibility of eternal life for all or the destruction of everyone and everything on the surface.

An ancient order blending mineral and living energy antagonistic to organic life is rising through the mantle to reclaim its heritage lead by the incarnation of old dynasty Egyptian King, Khenti-Amenti.

Amid massive weather shifts and growing global madness, geologist Grey Goldman must discover how this ancient man links the two species in order to save humanity.

Geomorph (Excerpt)


What he was witnessing was incomprehensible. The variations in madness among the Haida were bewildering. After soil and water samples were tested and numberless biopsies performed, the craziness remained a mystery . . . though it appeared to have started shortly after Ray Palmer emerged from the old mineshaft below Skidigate with the anomalous gemstone-fossil.

Strange volcanic forces were at work here, for Grey could not explain the huge worm-shaped basaltic flow found on Palmer's property, nor the fantastic weather patterns taking place in the region.

If EarthSats recordings showed massive upsurges of mafic material and an astonishing array of temperature changes on the planet surface, then the answers must lay underground.

Grey took only one guard with him into the parched luminosity of the grotto entrance, leaving the rest of the team outside.

The feeling of separation was absolute, the world around him colder. Even the flashlight beam struggled, casting a frail blond patch on the ground before them.

Grey quickly encountered one of the milky rivulets George had warned him about, and following along the side, reached a five-foot rock formation. He thought it was a stalagmite at first, and looking up for an overhang, found none. He moved in quickly to examine the stone.

Recognition came slowly then snapped into place, and he went numb; before him, sheathed in a skin of shimmering crystal, stood a Haida man gripping his staff, bent over one of the streams, twisted in a silent scream. A corner of his foot had touched the milky rivulet and fused to become part of it.