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ISBN-10: 1-77115-172-2
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 248 Pages
Published: May 2014

From inside the flap

Norman Mark was a politician with skeletons in his closet. Literally.

Reviews and Awards

“Bloodsuckers takes modern politics and adds vampires to the mix (yes, we already know all the jokes you’re making!) to make it actually new and exciting. Washed-up reporter Steve Edwards can’t believe what he sees when a Presidential candidate is gunned down by a man who then disappears before his eyes, apparently transformed to a bat. But that’s just the beginning as Steve finds he’s been framed for the crime and what he’s seen is just the very tip of a blood-drinking iceberg. Ventrella’s quick, bright dialogue punctuates the adventure with dry humor even as he ratchets the tension up towards an ending that might just surprise even the jaded reader. Highly recommended!” – Ryk E. Spoor, author of Grand Central Arena and Phoenix Rising

“Bloodsuckers draws back the curtain of politics and confirms the fear we’ve all suspected about our leaders for decades. A cutting expose of the—what, this is fiction? Naw ... Well then. Funny, quick, too smart for its own good. Had me viewing politicians with new suspicion.” – Mur Lafferty, Campbell-Award-winning author of Ghost Train to New Orleans and The Shambling Guide to New York City

“Sharp as a stake through the heart, Bloodsuckers works both as an entertaining thriller and as satire of our current out-for-blood political landscape. I loved the characters, the political insight and the final revelation!” – Dennis Tafoya, author of The Poor Boy’s Game and The Wolves of Fairmont Park

“Bloodsuckers is a delicious blend of mainstream thriller, oddball horror, and biting social commentary. Sink your teeth into this one!” – Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Code Zero and V-Wars

“What could be more horrifying than vampires with a taste for blood? Vampires with a taste for politics, as well. Mike Ventrella gives us both, plus action, adventure, laughs and chills, in Bloodsuckers, a political satire with bite.” – Jon McGoran, author of Drift and Deadout

“Politics, intrigue and vampires—a match made in Washington, DC. A bloody good political thriller that sucks you in from the start and gets its teeth into your imagination.” – Gail Z. Martin, author of Reign of Ash and Deadly Curiosities

Bloodsuckers (Excerpt)


Cool water rolled slowly down her neck, curving between perfect breasts, caressing her stomach. Slowly, her skin absorbed the moisture.

She opened another plastic bottle, but this time swallowed its contents. Energy flowed through her, renewing her.

Placing the empty container in the sink, she gave herself the once-over in the full-length mirror next to the tub. She twisted to admire her naked body, then parted full red lips and tossed herself a kiss. She looked good as a blonde.

Everything was going as planned. This would be one of her easiest assignments ever.

Maybe she'd buy a boat with the payment. She liked boats.

Shaking her head to give her long hair a bed-tousled look, she stepped from the bathroom. Her toes rubbed sensuously against the plush hotel rug as she silently slunk across the deserted sitting room.

The full moon cast a bright rectangle of light in the dark room. The balcony curtains danced in the cool summer breeze wafting from the Charles River through the open sliding glass door. The only artificial illumination came from a small office off the main room of the suite.

"The time of divisiveness is over," she heard Randolph Brunswick say quietly. "America needs to come together!"

She peeked into the office to find the Governor staring at a laptop screen. He grabbed a handful of M&Ms and popped them into his mouth. He then began typing methodically, hunting for each letter. She shook her head. You'd think a man who might be President soon would know how to use a computer.

"As I accept your nomination, it is with the understanding that it is far better to work across the aisle to get things accomplished than to seek unrealistic goals that... that... "

He paused, let out a heavy sigh, and rubbed his eyes. "Still time... "

She glided into the room, circled to the other side of the table, and silently stood before him, waiting.

Brunswick closed the laptop and looked up. His eyes narrowed as he stared, as if his mind couldn't decide whether she actually existed.

"Good evening, Governor," she purred with a deep Southern accent.

Brunswick reared back. His mouth opened and closed but no sound emerged. His gaze covered her trim body.

She smiled.

"What ... what the hell is this?" he finally managed. "How did you get in my room?"

"Now, now, sugar. We have other things to discuss." She edged closer and locked her eyes with his.

"We do not!" he replied. "The Secret Service is just outside my door, young lady... " He stopped talking and licked his lips.

She slinked forward. "Come, Governor. Let's look at the moonlight and discuss this."

Brunswick rubbed his eyes, shook his head, and stared back. "No!" He reached for the desk phone. "I don't know what sort of game you think you're playing-"

She dived for the phone and slapped it off the table before the Governor could react.

He jumped up and his chair fell to the side. "How did you-"

"Here, look at me," she said. "Just calm down, it will be all right."

Brunswick dashed toward the door.

Shit. This was supposed to be an easy assignment. She should have known that someone with an ego big enough to want to be President would be difficult. She swooped before him and he reared back.

"You can't get away, honey. I'm much faster than you can ever be." She held out a hand and concentrated on his eyes.

Brunswick blinked. His mouth opened and he backed away.

Making sure his gaze remained fastened to hers, she stepped forward and grabbed his wrist. "You'll think much clearer if we step out onto the balcony."

Beads of sweat gathered on his forehead. "I will?"

"Yes. You need some air."

"Yes," he replied in a breathy monotone. "Yes. I need some air... "

She slipped her arm through his and leaned close to whisper in his ear as they walked together toward the sliding glass door. He nodded slowly in response.

She opened the door wider for him.

He stepped onto the balcony. The summer breeze blew his few remaining hairs across his forehead, destroying his inadequate comb-over.

Late night traffic rumbled below the balcony on Memorial Drive. The ever-present protestors chanted and shouted below, demanding the governor's attention. A few bored cameramen, stationed at the hotel in case the governor decided to go out for a late night snack, slouched against trees or streetlamp posts, keeping silent watch.

Behind her, a tinny voice came through the phone headset, which lay across the floor. "Hello? Governor? Are you there?"

"Now would be the best time," she said.

Brunswick nodded with a smile, oblivious to the phone. He dragged a chair toward the small stone wall, climbed on it, and then took another step onto the wall itself.

"This is a wonderful idea!" he said. He raised his arms, waved to the crowd below, and stepped off.

As sirens blared and people screamed, she congratulated herself on a job well done. "Norman Mark for President," she mumbled.

The door to the suite burst open just as she flew away.