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ISBN-10: 1-77115-171-4
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 304 Pages
Published: May 2014

From inside the flap

Elaenor was a quiet girl who never seemed to quite fit in with other people. And there was a very good reason: she wasn’t a person. She was a Calean trapped in a human body for the past 1000 years.

Elaenorh tells the story of a college sophomore who works in the special collections library. There, she finds the journal of a woman who lived in 1169, who shares the unusual spelling of her name. She later finds a seed in the journal. Elaenor follows the adventures of the journal's heroine and plants the seed as she did. The seed grows a doorway into a hidden underground world. Unknown to Elaenor, her every move is being watched and followed by creatures she cannot see, and by some that are right in front of her.

The second part of the story follows a later incarnation of Elaenor as she sails her way to the very edge of our solar system. Life support is failing. The ship's computer is desperately trying to save her. Yet even in the coldness of space, she is being followed and she is being watched.

ElaeNorh (Excerpt)


Waer and I may be the only survivors from our little village by the lake, and I don't think he will live much longer. The wound to his thigh is festering. I think that soon I will be the only one left. We have been walking for days and days all the way around, and then north from the lake, and have not met a single living thing, not even a rabbit. The trees of the northern forest offer some cover at least, nestled against the 'hills of hope,' as the humans would call them. The name is a mockery now.

I am trying to get Waer to eat the last of our bread, but he will no longer chew or swallow. The bread is so hard, I'm not even sure I could chew it. Water we have in plenty from the early northern snows, but this one heel of bread is all that is left of our food.

I think I hear something coming? Yes, there is the sound of shuffling feet crunching through the snow and fallen pine branches. "Come on, Waer," I hiss sharply, but he will not move. I try to pull him to his feet. The shuffling is now all around us. There is nowhere to go. Nothing to do but wait.

And through the trees comes a long line of ghosts, walking as a procession, and ignoring us it seems. No, they are not ghosts. They are our people. They shuffle forward with their eyes to the ground. I recognize the one at their head. He is Cearnean, the captain of the Lady's guard from Loghlinh. His arm is in a sling and he wears a bloody bandage like a sash across his chest. I call out to him and he looks up. He raises his hand for the column to stop. His face is covered with soot, and it seems even some of his hair has been singed away. "Where are you going, Captain?" I ask him.

He replies, "We are heading back north to find Mcennenh."

"Mcennenh fights still?"


One of the captain's men had been bending over Waer. He stands up now and says, in a dull voice, "Your friend is dead."

Cearnean tells me, "Come with us, brother."

And as I fall into the midst of the tattered line of my people, I find that I have no more tears to spare for my friend. We leave his body to freeze in the snow under the pines, while we shuffle north to the hills, to hide in the low mountain caves.