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Twin Suns
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-156-0
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 197 Pages
Published: February 2014

From inside the flap

Twin Suns is science fiction, with a fair amount of humor in it. It is action-adventure but it doesn't take itself too seriously. It has lots of explosions and lots of jokes. It's a bit like a Michael Bay movie, but with well-written dialogue and strict adherence to the laws of physics. It follows the crew of the USS Tranquility as they fight to survive in a hostile solar system. After an eight year journey, they arrive in the Twin Suns solar system to find that the Japanese fleet has taken control of the system. Thanks to the communication lag between Twin Suns and Earth, they were sent before the war even started, and arrive when itís all but over.

The crew is made up of a few soldiers the military actually wanted, juvenile delinquents they planned on essentially selling to a mining company, and a hot redhead who was to be eye-candy (or more) for the admiral in charge of the U.S. fleet in Twin Suns. This unlikely crew, minus the third of them who die during the trip, end up commanded by Christina Monroe (the intended eye-candy) and David Torres (a juvenile delinquent) as they struggle for survival.

Twin Suns (Excerpt)


"You're telling me you want to crew my ship with a bunch of goddamn teenagers!" Admiral Miller shouted, waving the stack of personnel files. "And more than half of the candidates are juvenile delinquents; the rest aren't much better. I wouldn't trust a single one of them with my car, let alone my brand new, quadrillion dollar, state-of-the-art spaceship."

"Sir, I kn--" Captain Ross began, before the red-faced admiral cut him off. Ross hadn't expected to be allowed to speak until Admiral Miller ran out of energy, but he knew they would reach that point quicker if he forced the other man to cut him off, to prevent any breaks in his tirade.

"Are you aware that Andrew Jenks not only resisted arrest, but hospitalized one of the arresting officers? The doctor is a compulsive gambler, Lisle is a fucking pot-head, Harwood stole a shuttle . . . "

Ross zoned out as the admiral continued to list his objections, all of which Ross knew would soon be made pointless. Several times he touched the printed message in his pocket that would go far toward convincing the admiral of the wisdom behind this mission.

" . . . and to top it all off, a girl serving as their lieutenant commander. What could possibly make you think that I would approve this proposal?"

"Sir, I . . . " Ross waited a second to see if it was really his turn to speak, " . . . agree completely with your assessment of Tranquility's crew. None of them, with a few exceptions, has any business in the military. Certainly none should be serving on such a valuable and important ship. However, they won't be. They'll simply be delivering the ship to Kennedy, where Admiral Otani will reassign all of the crew."

The taller man's jaw relaxed and he moved it as if to begin speaking again.

"Because the crew is still young, mostly in their teens, they'll be able to serve longer; they'll all be in their prime on arrival," Ross said before the admiral could voice his objection.

"Growing up in stasis won't help their attitudes. They'll be just as insubordinate as adults. They're useless."

"Not to the miners. One of the mining companies, Trans-System, has offered to take on any recruits we wish to dismiss." Ross pulled the folded piece of paper from his pocket. "They also seemed interested in your possible bid for the presidency and mentioned something about a contribution." Ross waited for this to sink in, while he unhurriedly unfolded the note and passed it to Miller. Though this was not the first time he'd offered a bribe to someone, he'd outranked all the others.

As Admiral Miller read, and then re-read, the brief message, only his eyes moved, sweeping across the page at a steady rate. Ross remained motionless, once again considering the possible angles he could use to make this exchange look like something other than a bribe in the eyes of a military court. Sirs, I meant for the money to go to the US Military. I thought that making a profitable deal would make the admiral look good. I never considered . . .

"Are they asking for any other considerations beyond this crew of screw-ups?" Admiral Miller did not look up.

"Sir, they would simply like to provide an option for the US Military to deal with its prisoners; they'd also be willing to take any POWs should war break out. Of course, they would appreciate it if we could send more potential workers for them, but they understand that is not always possible." Though Trans-System had been intent on getting some younger, stronger miners, the most important part of the deal was the option to get the POWs. Though nearly everyone in this solar system doubted that there would ever be another major war, and all Earth-based governments maintained a facade of unity, reports from Twin Suns suggested that the current hostilities would escalate long before they ceased.

"It's a deal," the admiral said, quietly yet firmly. He turned to sit back down, but didn't dismiss Ross. He stretched, and leaned back in his chair, taking his time to get comfortable. Ross was ready to be dismissed, but waited. He could tell the admiral was about to say something.

"Sir, may I--"

"What about Christina Monroe? I know that our gender exclusion policy doesn't officially apply to crews that won't be conscious during the trip, but in practice we've still refrained from sending women. And none as young as her." He raised an eyebrow as he looked at Ross. "Based on her file, she'll probably make an adequate officer, but there's nothing exceptional about her, nothing suggesting that she should be the very first female officer to serve outside our solar system."

Ross was almost certain he could feel the color draining from his face. He wondered whether to admit that his only cause for including her was that Admiral Otani had asked for a new female officer to serve as his assistant, for clearly impure reasons. As the leader of the US forces in the Twin Suns Solar System, Admiral Otani was an invaluable ally both to Ross and, more significantly, to Trans-System Mining.

"Unless, of course, you count her picture," Admiral Miller said, with a conspiratorial smile. "Excellent choice, too; Otani always did like redheads."

"Uh, thank you, sir. He did mention that," Ross said slowly, wondering if he would get away with simply acknowledging Miller's insinuation.

"Go ahead and get the ball rolling. I'll sign off when the orders are ready. Dismissed."