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Blood Lust
Book Two: Raven Blood Trilogy
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-950-4
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 171 Pages
Published: April 2012

From inside the flap

Raven travels to France to fulfill her destiny as Queen of the Vampires only to discover her family was slaughtered while asleep in their crypt by Vlad Tepes. Demitrius Volcheck is Vladís grand-nephew, assassin and Ravenís lover. Armand Lavoissiere is the human who accidentally bumps into Raven while feeding in an alley, dragging him into her bizarre underworld. Basil is the vampire who makes protecting Armand difficult. But Ravenís biggest danger is Malachi: Demon Angel of Blood Lust and creator of the vampire species.

Blood Lust (Excerpt)


She walked this path a thousand times before in her dreams and memories but never got further than where she stood right then because he always stopped her. Well she finally stopped him. Heís dead. Burned in a fire she started.

Beyond the doors at the end of the long, dark tunnel laid the queen of the vampire underworld. Raven pushed the heavy, rotting wooden doors aside with her shoulder and stepped into the darkened room: the final resting place of Rosette Mazione-her mother.

Raven climbed the warped and cracked stone steps to the altar to the ornate coffin. Drawing a deep breath Raven easily lifted the heavy lid and looked down at the skeletal remains of Rosette.

She smoothed the skull once beautiful with porcelain white skin and radiant violet eyes. Raven didnít know what to feel for this familiar stranger. Sheíd spent very little time with her growing up and by the time she turned six years old Rosette took her down to the tomb to protect her from the assassination of the Maziones to come.

There Raven remained until the twentieth century when a guardian named Ruth awakened her, raising her and prepping her for this moment when she would take her rightful place as queen and revive the elders of the Mazione House.

From her early childhood Raven knew she was different from other children and she didnít care. It wasnít until last winter that she learned her true identity as a vampire.

The truth came with painful consequences: the loss of her dear Aunt Ruth, her cherished cat Elvira and the young man she thought her friend Brad. The latter she killed and tossed his body in the apartment buildingís furnace. She didnít take betrayal well.

At this moment, while she stood over her mother, Raven felt a sadness that she never got to know this once exquisite woman and a rage for having been denied the warmth of a motherís love. She didnít doubt Rosette loved her only that the woman because of her position had to shield her daughter and that meant distancing herself from Raven.

Drawing a breath Raven yanked the wooden stake from the cavity where Rosetteís heart once beat and tossed it aside. It bounced down the steps with a soft thud before landing on the cold floor.

"You wonít need that anymore, Mum." Raven leaned down to the skull and pressed her lips to her forehead. "Iíve avenged your death, Mum and now Iím here to fulfill my destiny. I swear I wonít let you down."

She stood straight, ran a caressing hand over the skull and stepped back and down, rounding the stone altar. At the bottom of her descent stood a large door rotted and hanging off of its hinges. Raven pushed it aside and stepped into the dank, dark tomb. She sucked in a shocked gasp.

The ceiling had caved in on the coffins. They were tossed about, broken and the skeletal remains were thrown about and piled helter-skelter. Her family was gone.

There was nothing for her to do but turn and walk away, vowing to find the one who did this to them.