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Diamonds And Rust
Galactic Ecoleers, Inc. - Volume 2
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-948-2
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Length: 204 Pages
Published: September 2012

From inside the flap

Warning: Contains Explicit Language and Scenes of a Adult Nature.

Volume two of Galactic Ecoleers, Inc. Trilogy

Karen is young, beautiful, smart, and more than willing to use all her attributes to get ahead. She knows what she’s getting into even though the job requires her to be a part-time prostitute, but the job of being a deep space ecology engineer terraforming planets will make her super rich after only two or three missions.

Diamonds And Rust (Excerpt)

I smiled and said hi before I noticed the sealed bottle of whiskey in his hand as he approached me with a smile on his face. Right then, I knew I was going to have a great day. I accepted the bottle and slipped my other hand to the pres-seal on his pants. I released the seal so I could take out his member and apply some action to it before asking him to fuck me.

Had I been living in a typical society found on Earth a few centuries ago, I probably would have been in trouble. However, what I was doing was not only legal, but a perk of my job as an Ecoleer. Barry was right good when I felt him inside me, even if he wasn't very well hung compared to some of what I'd had before. Still, he had ability and style. That made up for the rest.

Since the Ecoleers were considered the royalty of the company, we were free to do as we pleased. I could have told Barry that I wanted to see him couple with a man. He would have done it just to keep me happy. Had he not come bearing a bottle indicating he was assigning me a new terraforming mission, I might have been inclined to do just that to entertain myself. After all, I was bored stiff from having almost nothing to do, other than study to keep up with the state of the art in the morning, and fuck whoever was around in the afternoon. I'd been doing that for almost a year since my last mission was completed as a total success, despite the unusual difficulties I encountered. Not only that, but I did it without losing a member of my team.

Anyway, I had a feeling the company was either holding me in reserve for a really difficult job, or they were simply still trying to find a suitable world to be a terraforming candidate. After all, not just any dead world can be terraformed. Some of them are nothing more than gas giants. You can't terraform a world that doesn't have land, can you? Too many dead worlds either had no gravity or too much. That was also a distinct problem that considered greatly in our business dealings. Who wants to live on a world where the gravity crushes you flat or where everything floats off into space? So, the number of dead planets suitable for terraforming could quickly be reduced when those factors were taken into consideration. I guess only about ten percent or less of all dead planets found were in the right range of specifications. Even then, they weren't all suitable.

Besides which, we had competitors as well who walked away from auctions with their share of available planets. That reduced what was available to us even more, though not by much. After all, we were the biggest and best of all the terraforming companies. We had taken on jobs other companies could only dream of tackling. Of all the companies, we had no failures in our history, which spanned over a century.

Anyway, Barry said, "Hi, I've got a hard one for you."

"I hope so," I replied.

"Mission, Karen, a hard mission," he corrected me.

"Yeah, that too, I hope," I said as I filled my mouth.

He said, "Okay then, you just listen, I'll talk. We've got a good candidate for terraforming, but it's closer to its sun than most of our jobs. It's hot and dry as a bone. You can have a few extra personnel on the R team if you want in order to get the planet hydrated again. Initial surveys indicate it once had seas of some sort. Also, it was inhabited. There's going to be an archaeological team going along. You and the women on your team will have to take them into consideration as well."

I released him with a smack of my lips, asking, "How many on the other team?"

"Thirty. They're going to be going through areas you tell them are likely to wind up under water. We don't want to lose whatever knowledge the old civilization might have possessed. Your mission could take a lot longer than the usual five years. You still want it?"

I released him again, looked at him and said, "Yes, shove it in. Mandy, move out of Barry's way."

"The mission, Karen. Do you want it?" he asked while doing exactly what I wanted.

I gasped. "Yes, I want the goddamn mission! I already took the bottle! Now, just give me all you've got! Yes! Yes! Slam it in! Oh yes! Will I have any experienced Ecoleers for the rehydration?"

"Ahh, yesss!" he replied while he complied with my wishes. "But the rest of your team will be ... ugh ... largely apprentices. Is that a problem?"

"Not in the least. Just make sure they're good quality apprentices. I'll turn them into Ecoleers."

"Good for you, Karen. Can I get you anything else?"

"Not until you finish. Then I want a couple of extra escorts so I can brief them to get the apprentices to the right places without me having to walk them by the hand everywhere," I said.

"Can do. You want them naked?" he asked.

"Absolutely! And horny if possible," I gasped. "Are you sending out station personnel with me again?"

"Yes, that seems to work out fairly well. It did on your last mission. Any objections?"

"None, as long as they don't mind doing some gofer work and such," I answered.

"They'll be properly briefed and ready," he stated.

"Good! I'll pick up the briefing info when we finish then," I said as I felt an orgasm beginning to build within me. "Mandy, get him by the balls, make him come in me!" I gasped.