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Stripped And Snatched
Abducted For Harvesting
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-788-9
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Length: 201 Pages
Published: November 2010

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

Young men and women are vanishing into thin air, leaving clothing behind, layered just as though their bodies evaporated. Julie, a virginal farm girl, is one of the abductees. She suddenly finds herself naked and surrounded by dozens of other naked young adults. She has been snatched and transported into year of 2510, where she is subjected to propaganda and mental manipulation. She soon discovers that the women are there for their fertile eggs and the men for their sperm.

Physical contact between the abductees is forbidden. As a control, twice daily the abductees are ushered into the Palace of Pleasure, a room in which intense orgasms are computer generated without human touch and affection. Abductees who have been there the longest have had their memories erased, but Julie fights to retain hers. When her boyfriend Fred arrives they join with two other newcomers and plot their escape.

Why do those in the future need to harvest eggs and sperm? How has the appreciation of sensual love and erotic touch been lost? Can the abductees find a way to travel back in time and return to their homes, and will Julie and Fred finally get to make love?

Stripped And Snatched (Excerpt)