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The Christ Project
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-673-4
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 377 Pages
Published: April 2009

From inside the flap

"Let us Pray!"

In the not-to-distant future, the earth is a war-torn wasteland. Surviving a terrible thirty-year conflict known as The Great War, the citizens of the planet are controlled by an insane United Nations. Using what is left of NATO, the UN enforces its laws, hoping to rebuild the world.

There is a catch: all religions are now against the law. Since religion was blamed for the last war, the UN wants to make sure that God has nothing more to do with the politics of the world. Mankind has entered a new Dark Age. But, like the early Christians of ancient Rome, an underground resistance has been formed.

Just released from an Alaskan Gulag, Marcellus has served twenty years for heading a Christmas Mass as one of the last Bishops of the catholic Church. His mission now is to enact a secret program lost in the Vatican Files, known only as "The Christ Project."

Facing NATO soldiers, terrible cannibalistic robots called Exos, forever-spying probes called Sentries, the dead zones on earth known as The Wastelands, and twelve mysterious clones known only as "The Templars", Marcellus uses the powers of science to bring about "The Second Coming."

Reviews and Awards

Riveting, dramatic, and action-packed, The Christ Project is a bona fide instant classic. In his imaginative fast-paced thriller, author Donald Allen Kirch combines outstanding character development, an engrossing plotline, and nerve-wracking suspense to form a superbly crafted tale. Furthermore, Kirch's masterful use of religious history and symbolism lends his story an added element of refreshing, genuine authenticity.

With a captivating storyline and superior storytelling, The Christ Project is sure to keep readers turning page after page in breathless anticipation. A can't miss thriller from an impressive literary talent.

Full Review

"As the author of, The Second Virgin Birth, I have to say that Mr. Kirch�s book is very believable, with well developed-characters with amazing dialogue that surrounds an action-packed story that will keep you guessing the entire time. It�s an easy read, and extremely well written."

"This is a terriffic story. Beautifully written and what a great cover! Amazing because the Shroud of Turin is all over the news today - April 4th, '09. And when I heard that the Pope gave credit for protecting it during those dangerous early years to the Knights Templar, I felt like - hey, I know all about them! This book has everything, humor, excitement, honesty, and a real sense of what matters in life, in people. I loved the non-judgemental and inclusive quality of Mr Kirch's writing. All in all, that is what makes this book so special."
The Christ Project is an epic journey into the hearts and souls of mankind. The characters fall somewhere between religious fanaticism and skepticism, but the struggle to survive has been so great, there is little energy left for debating the great questions. Mr. Kirch does a particularly magnificent job in world-building...In a world of despair, hope and love are not lost, although terribly muted. It is a world that needs a miracle, even as that world invests its few resources into attempting to stop that very miracle. There are surprises and mysteries and a redefinition of what constitutes humanity and God. Well done, Mr. Kirch, well done.

Bitten By Books (Five Star Rating)

The Christ Project (Excerpt)


The Great War, it was said, started with the throwing of one rock. A young, angry man, forgotten in a dirty part of the world, outraged at the way his people had been treated for centuries, picked up a rock and hurled it at an armed soldier. This is all that was known of the start. Some, scholars and historians, believe that this legend had its origins in Israel, or Hong Kong, and some say even the streets of America. The war was so long and indeed so disastrous to mankind that no one seemed to know where the fighting started. They could only guess.

Where the scholars did come together with certainty, was on who and what to blame -- RELIGION.

After the war, when the bodies were finally buried, burned, or worse, the tortured few who remained vowed to an ignoring God that He would never again scar the earth with the shadow of war.

With a stroke of a pen, religion was banned from the face of the earth. Mankind had officially told its "parent" that it was time for Him to leave. God was now on his own.

There were those, however, who believed that God had been a scapegoat. They thought it a mistake to turn their backs on religion and all that religion gave to one�s purpose in life. Soon an underground was formed. In this underground, there came forth a hero.

This is his story.