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Acklinta's Competition
Book Two
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-604-1
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Length: 85 Pages
Published: August 2008

From inside the flap

Acklinta came to Earth from the planet Forsunti, with her personality, memories and awareness assimilated into what she calls her human fabrication. Fred saw her as a beautiful human female who displayed some interesting design flaws. She and Fred soon entered a committed, passionate relationship.

When Acklinta returns to her home planet to manage the family business during the interval when her mother regenerates the parts of her body chewed off by a hungry house pet, an alien from another planet captures Fredís attention by using a powerful aphrodisiac released through the large nipple of her right breast. She calls herself Stormy. Fred soon discovers that she has five sisters, only distinguishable by their hair color. The females from their planet have no genitals, although the area between their legs contains the main blood vessels and nerves to their heart, located in their lower abdomen. Thus they feel vulnerable and can become quite violent when this area is threatened.

Aliens crop up all over. A fearsome creature drags off one of Stormyís sisters, planning to have her for dinner. That sisterís mate, who is from the same planet, talks Fred into rescuing the captured female. The mate is of no help, as men of that race are known for their cowardice. The rescue effort succeeds, but Fred is injured in the process. While in the hospital, he meets a female doctor from a totally different planet, and soon discovers that she loves fondling male genitalia. She possesses a unique ability that quickly arouses a man so fondled. Fred also learns that she is a shapeshifter and a con artist. She is interested in becoming a lot more familiar with this Earthman, whom she sees as a hero for having saved a damsel in distress.

When Acklinta returns to Earth, she learns about these two females who exhibit carnal interest in her lover. Fred, however, is committed to Acklinta and is excited about her return to Earth. Unfortunately, a prisoner who was being held on her planet somehow got mixed in with her teleportation, and he, too, materializes on Earth. Compulsively driven to masturbate while buildings explode, this seven-foot-tall alien with the four-foot-long wang sets off a series of blasts. The desire of Fred and Acklinta to stop him produces highly unexpected but satisfying results.

Acklinta's Competition (Excerpt)