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ISBN-10: 1-55404-601-7
Genre: Romance/Experimental
eBook Length: 57 Pages
Published: July 2008

From inside the flap

Kyle Perry, a married accountant who has a wife and two children, observes a fellow male commuter on the train one day as the man picks up a call girl. Kyle gets off at the same stop as the hooker and her current client. After seeing how affectionately the two behave with each other, Kyle decides to follow them down an alley near his destination. Having picked a cozy spot, the pair enjoys what looks to Kyle like some serious passion: not what he’d expect from a john and a hooker. Overcoming his shame, he watches their bout of lovemaking, but feels guilty afterwards for having indulged in voyeurism. His lapse into questionable behavior produces some unexpected results when he goes home, where, driven by erotic images of the licentious lovers, Kyle enjoys comparable passion with his wife.

Over the next few weeks, Kyle sees the same guy pick up two other women: a college coed and a housewife. Having again followed the lovers, he sees with surprise the same extreme level of passion exhibited by both the Commuter Casanova and his new partners. Once again, Kyle enjoys a gratifyingly high level of passion with his wife, Mandy, who realizes that something has produced a welcome change in her husband. When Kyle finally admits to peeping on the Casanova, Mandy reacts in an unexpected manner. She grows just as sexually excited by the stories of his voyeurism as he did by actually peeping on the lovers.

When Kyle sees the same guy reject the advances of a hooker on the train, he yields to intense curiosity, and confronts the man, who reveals an intriguing secret about his two-timing ways. Shocked but fascinated, Kyle finds that his life now changes drastically as a result of this revelation on the part of the Commuter Casanova.


Chapter One

Kyle Perry sat back in the seat of the commuter train and tried to get comfortable. It had been a long day at the office, and his muscles were only now beginning to relax from the stress. Glancing out the window, he watched the yards and trees speed by, making him feel more like a time traveler than any ordinary cube dweller heading home. The familiar landmarks began to appear as the train neared Radnor, the next-to-last stop before the one where he'd get off. He had promised his wife to pick up some theater tickets at a friend's, but now he wished he could skip it. All he wanted was to relax in front of the tube with a beer and watch the basketball game. And do the best he could to forget his lousy day.

He glanced around the car. There were only about six or seven passengers left, and most of those looked as tired as he felt. The only ones showing any signs of life were two people in the second row. The guy was in a seat next to the window on the right side of the car. However, his gaze wasn't focused on the sights outside the glass. It was fixed on the redhead sitting across the way, smiling at him. She was obviously a working girl; her attire gave her away. From the short skirt that showed her slender and shapely legs to the low-cut white blouse and heavy makeup that included deep red lipstick, her clothes served as a trademark for her trade.

He watched with amusement as the redhead crossed and uncrossed her legs provocatively, making the guy watching do everything but break out in a pant. She wasn't making it that obvious, but the connotation was still there.

She was for sale.

The guy moved over towards the aisle, closer to the redhead, and they began whispering to each other. No doubt negotiating a price, Kyle thought. She was very good. She kept constant eye contact and never stopped smiling. Rising, she crossed the aisle and sat down next to her potential customer. He welcomed her by putting his arm around her.

Apparently, she'd made a sale.

When the train pulled into the Radnor Station a few minutes later, Kyle got up and headed for the door. Stepping out onto the platform, he noticed that the redhead and her customer had also gotten off. They walked off down the street in the same direction as he was headed. He stayed far enough behind that they didn't notice him. His own stop was a couple of streets away, and he had to admit that he was a little bit curious about where they were going. The late afternoon sunlight had begun to fade, and the air was still warm - typical for early September. Jackets and sweaters wouldn't be needed for a few more weeks.

This area of the suburbs was half-business, half-residential, with tiny blocks of stores littered in among the older, well-kept homes. Kyle passed kids riding by on bikes and a few people going in and out of the stores. The couple in front of Kyle, now all snuggly and laughing, acted like two lovebirds as the guy openly pawed her. When they approached a small group of businesses, the couple turned off down an alley a few houses away from Kyle's own destination. As he walked by, he could see them heading towards the end of the alley.

Love by a dumpster, he thought. How quaint.

Stopping at the corner of the building, he peered into the alley, making sure that he couldn't be seen if they turned around. The pair walked past a dumpster located behind a shoe store and on down to a chain link fence, behind one of the homes at the end of the alley. Inside the fence were two large maple trees and a five-foot wide, wooden shed. The couple went through a small door in the fence. Both partners whispered and giggled like a couple of kids playing hooky. After they disappeared from Kyle's line of sight, he stood there, thinking about what he should do next. He glanced around at the sidewalk and buildings, checking to see if anyone was watching him. The few other people out walking acted busy with their own lives and didn't seem to notice him. He peered back into the alley. What the hell? he thought. What harm could following them do?

He set off down the alley, keeping close to the buildings so the couple wouldn't spot him. He stepped carefully, so that his footsteps wouldn't give him away or alert the couple that someone approached. As he hurried past the buildings and dumpster, he suddenly thought of his wife, Mandy, and what her reaction would be if she knew what he was doing.

So what's the big deal? he thought, trying to justify his actions. Lots of people do it. It's no different than watching a peep show.

Slowing his pace, he experienced a pang of guilt for wanting to watch. Stopping at the last building, he leaned against the wall, wrestling with his conscience. He tried to decide whether or not he should go any further.

I can simply turn around and go back, he thought. Then, too, the lovers might have cut through the yard and taken a shortcut to a motel or another more secluded location. But as the notion ran through his mind, he heard a noise come from a few yards away.

It was someone moaning.

He closed his eyes and listened more intently. The voice was female and the moans were pretty loud. It sounded as though she was in the throes of passion, which was a pretty good trick considering her profession. She must be one hell of an actress, he thought, trying hard not to chuckle. A couple of seconds later he heard a male voice grunting with gusto. It didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what the guy was doing. Kyle kept listening. The moaning and grunting became progressively louder, and he tried to picture the couple in his head, lusting after each other with such verve.

He couldn't stand it any more.

He had to see.

Carefully, he leaned out from behind the building. The shed was to his right, and the guy had the girl pressed up against the outer wall, going full tilt. His trousers were down around his ankles, and the girl's legs were wrapped around his buttocks. The girl's head was tilted skywards, exposing her long, sleek neck, and the guy's head was buried in her breasts. Her blouse hung open, and the guy kissed her breasts as he thrust into her. With each thrust forward, the girl moaned and clutched at the guy's back, as if she were holding on for dear life. Her desire seemed completely unfettered, as if she were some kind of sexual volcano, exploding forth. The guy's lust appeared to be just as intense. His face wasn't visible, but he pursued the girl with such vigor that it looked as if he might shove her right through the back wall of the shed.

Kyle watched, mesmerized by the incredible measure of passion exhibited by the couple. Their coupling was unlike any of the porn films he'd seen at bachelor parties or at college. It wasn't simply the physical act of sex. There was something else - something more like a strength or power that surrounded the couple's lust. It was both titillating and sensual…

It proved impossible for him to take his eyes off the encounter.

Both lovers began to moan loudly as they escalated their hungry drive. Even their voices projected a level of sexual emotion that he'd never heard before, whether in porn films or personal experience. It was the kind of sound every lover wanted to hear from his partner and also enjoy himself - the sound made while experiencing a complete sexual and physical meltdown. Your body and soul giving into its greedy yearning, fulfilling its most primal urge.

He marveled at the display. So many men and women spent their entire lives searching for a partner who could take them to that level sexually. Judging by the sad and angry expressions he saw everyday, at the office, on the commuter train, and out in public, apparently most hadn't succeeded. But here, out behind some stranger's shed, a working girl and her client had succeeded in that quest.


A couple of seconds later, the guy arched his back and tilted his head back, an anguished, lustful grunt of sweet release pouring from his mouth. The girl put her left hand over her mouth, trying to muffle the scream, but it was of no use. The sensual and overpowering sounds of her cries pierced the air as her body achieved its final orgasmic convulsions.

Gripping the bricks on the building, Kyle experienced a warm wave of pleasure as the lovers collapsed in each other's arms, completely spent. The guy crumpled to his knees and the girl went with him, both of them seemingly still intertwined. They lay in a heap at the base of the shed for the next few minutes, trying to recover their strength.

Quickly, Kyle glanced around, to see if anyone else had entered the alley or had snuck up behind him while he'd been preoccupied watching the lovers. The alley and rear exits of the stores were deserted. He smiled at his good fortune. It was as if fate had intervened and given him privacy in which to view the show. If anyone had come along while it was going on, the lovers might not have reached so high a level of passion.

And he wouldn't have gotten to see them do so.

Turning back to the couple, he peeked out only a tiny bit so they wouldn't see him. They were now both on their feet, the guy zipping up his trousers and the girl buttoning her blouse and pushing her skirt back down over her shapely hips. When the guy began to straighten his tie, she reached out and helped him with it. After she got it into place, he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, thanking her.

"I want more than a thank you," she said, giving him a sly smile.

"Right," the guy said, reaching into his back trouser pocket.

Uh-huh, Kyle thought. Time to pay up.

But the guy didn't pull out his wallet. Instead, he brought out what appeared to be a piece of jewelry that caught the sunlight and sparkled. It looked like a small tennis bracelet. The guy motioned to the girl to raise her leg. Lifting her right leg up, she placed it on his torso, exposing the pink panties underneath. Carefully, he clasped the anklet around her leg and then leaned down and kissed her ankle, causing her to giggle like a little girl.

"Those better be real diamonds," she whispered, putting her leg down.

Pulling her close, he nuzzled her neck. "I'm afraid they're only cubic zirconium, but for that performance, they should be diamonds."

Kyle waited for the girl's response, expecting her to be pissed at the lack of cash payment. But she wasn't. Laughing, she told the guy she'd expect a better offering next time. Knowing that the party was breaking up, Kyle took off down the alley, hoping to reach the end before they saw him. Having reached the corner, he stopped next to the building on the right and peered back into the alley. The lovers walking towards him arm in arm hadn't seemed to notice his presence.

And why should they? he thought. They'd just enjoyed a nice session of sex: one for which any human in his right mind would give his right arm.

Turning around, he got back to his errand, shaking his head in disbelief. He suddenly wanted to tell someone about what he'd just witnessed, but who could he tell? Not his friends, who lived down the street, and from whom he was picking up the theater tickets. They were on the conservative side and would brand him a pervert for watching such a spectacle. And he couldn't tell his wife - especially the part about how the couple exhibited such complete and total sexual abandon. Describing something like that would automatically send her female hormones into overdrive, and she'd start making paranoid assumptions that he wasn't satisfied with her sexually and was perhaps looking for someone else.

Nope, he thought. That was definitely not an option. She'd be on the phone with her mother in two seconds flat, accusing him of having sex with every hooker within a ten mile radius.

As he continued towards his friend's house, he felt cheated, somehow. What was the fun of seeing something like that and not being able to tell anyone? True, some people might not even believe him, but it was a story worth telling, or at least bragging about. But unfortunately, he would have to keep it to himself.

At least for now.