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Power Play
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-515-0
Genre: Romance/Ultra-Erotic Romance
eBook Length: 224 Pages
Published: December 2007

From inside the flap

Louise Carter and her fiance Ben Jackson are very much in love. Ben works hard, so as to earn enough money to allow them to buy a house together. Currently they rent an idyllic cottage in the countryside of England, from Jill and Adrian Blake, who live next door. As Ben and Louise enjoy their new home, neither realizes that Adrian secretly desires Louise, nor do they suspect to what lengths he will go to separate them, so that he can dominate Louise and turn her into the ideal sex slave.

Adrian manages to plant evidence that he hopes will estrange Ben and Louise, whilst spying on the couple as they make love. His wicked intentions grow until he can no longer contain them.

Adrian succeeds in ending the relationship between Ben and Louise by convincing Louise that Ben has become an alcoholic and is not paying the rent. Ben moves out, and soon takes to drinking his sorrows away.

Louise, who secretly harbors a desire to be dominated sexually, dreams of being tortured in a dungeon, and of being whipped and chained. Adrian seizes the moment, and soon Louise becomes his lover. All seems lost for Ben until Jill breaks into his alcoholic stupor, and offers him a chance not only to take his revenge on the man he now realizes has brought about his downfall, but also to win back his lover.

Jill and Ben join forces with Bunny, a young lesbian who has enjoyed a casual relationship with Jill throughout Jill’s marriage. The three set out to seduce Louise through a series of sexual encounters. Jill and a disguised Ben humiliate Adrian, right after he finishes making love to Louise. Jill and Ben, who wears a mask, jointly pleasure Louise. Amazed by the potency of her mysterious masked lover and by the intensity of her newfound lesbian desires, Louise agrees to abandon her relationship with Adrian. A new, highly unconventional life begins for the young couple now far more willing to be honest about their desires.

Power Play (Excerpt)

Chapter One

Louise Carter lay back on her lawn and wondered how it had all begun. How had her life changed so much, and why? Little did she realise that the change had begun a year previously, at the height of the span of time when she loved a man whom she cannot stand the sight of, any longer.

The change began with the rays of a warm summer's day yielding to the evening mist as it descended on a small row of cottages in the English countryside. In this idyllic rural scene, an amber glow bathed two small homes. The sunlight reflected off the upstairs bedroom window of the larger property, whilst in the garden of the neighbouring cottage two young lovers expressed their desires.

Louise held her fiancé in her arms, and kissed him. Ben Jackson returned the kiss, his tongue skating into his lover's mouth as he yielded to wanton desire. They had just moved into the small cottage they rented from their neighbours: a wealthy family called the Blakes. Tonight they knew to be the first night in which they could enjoy the garden without fear of being seen. Jill Blake had told them that she and her husband Adrian were going away for the weekend. Not that their being home would have prevented Ben from enjoying this moment - one in which he moved his tongue across Louise's face and onto the nape of her neck - but he thought it good to be out in the fresh air, rather than cooped up inside.

Louise undid his shirt, pulling it off of his manly shoulders and dragging it down his arms before discarding it onto the nearby rosebush. As he kissed her, she admired his slim body and trim, athletic muscles. His body had attracted her to him in the first place. Now, after a long day of decorating and moving heavy boxes, she was ready to enjoy its pleasures once again.

His hands fondled her breasts through the material of her blouse. Driven mad by lust, he searched for the buttons. Slowly, Louise pushed her hands, palm out, into his trousers and cupped his ever growing manhood.

A guttural moan exited his mouth as she unfastened his belt and pulled down the zip. Ben tugged her blouse away from her flesh, exposing her breasts to his fingers. He cupped and weighed her, massaging the soft flesh before moving his tongue closer to the engorged nipples.

He placed a single kiss on the nipple before moving his tongue across the surface towards the valley. Louise breathed heavily as her desire grew. Removing her hands from around his engorged cock, she wrapped them around his neck and closed her eyes.

Ben moved his hands to her buttocks, cupping and playing with them whilst licking her breasts and placing butterfly kisses on them. He traced a line with his tongue, moving from one hill down the valley and up the side to the next hill, until he had traveled from one erect nipple to another. His hands tugged her skirt down, slowly, almost maddeningly so, just to entice her. His hands brushed past her hips, until both lovers stood naked except for their underwear.

They moved apart for a second, panting. Ben looked lustfully into Louise's eyes. She simply smiled, knelt down and pulled his boxer shorts down his legs. Ben stepped out of them, only to have her warm hand press the side of his thigh. He looked down to see her eyes, aglow with lust, focusing on his manhood. Her hand slithered across his upper thigh as her tongue darted around his knee. The hand then slipped higher, until it reached his shaft. Ben gasped as her hands ensnared his ball sack and her tongue slipped down his shaft to the hilt.

Louise smiled a sexy smile as her fingers traced a path back up his cock towards the head now growing purple. The veins throbbed as she teased and excited him. Opening her mouth, she took his cock inside, sucking as her fingers massaged him. She then moved up and down his shaft, masturbating him delicately but longingly.

Placing his hands on her head, Ben ruffled her blond hair, letting it fall across her face as she moved her mouth deeper and faster. Soon she could feel his hands tense and his cock explode. She swallowed and sucked as he pumped his seed into her mouth. She enjoyed the amazing sensations occurring in her mouth, as his hardness throbbed between her tender, caressing lips, and his lust waned. Taking a deep breath, Louise could smell the scent of sex rising into the dusk.

Sensing that he had finished pumping all that he could muster, she let his cock slip from her mouth, only to fondle his buttocks as she stood up in front of him. He smiled when he noticed a small trickle of his seed flowing from her crimson lips. Taking her hand, he wiped the trickle from her mouth. He smiled at her. He loved her, and he knew in his heart of hearts that she loved him back.

Moving his hands out, Ben allowed them to drift across the sides of Louise's breasts before dropping down to her hips. Taking the lacy material between a finger and thumb, he pulled the dripping wet fabric away from her hungry outer sex lips. He slid them lower, until she stepped out of them to stand naked: a radiant beauty bathed in the glowing evening light. Ben slowly lowered her to the dew-covered grass.

Louise gasped as the moist grass caressed her buttocks. Ben laughed as he moved on top of her to kiss her naked flesh once more. Moving his tongue across her pubic mound, he let it hunt out her pleasure-bud. His mouth closed over it, whilst his hungry fingers slipped across the grass and passed between Louise's drenched outer lips. She groaned as he slipped a finger inside and rolled it around. He massaged her vaginal walls until he could lift her bud deeper into his mouth, where his hungry tongue flicked her clitoris from stem to tip.

Both of them felt glad that they could enjoy making love without being seen, as the setting sun shined down on them.

Only they had been seen.

From his vantage point behind the mesh curtain of his bedroom window, Adrian Blake watched his neighbours' actions, mesmerised by the body and beauty of the young woman who groaned softly as her lover moved his mouth even lower, until his head was encased by her milky thighs. Adrian had made up the excuse of an illness to stay home, sensing that he would see more of his elusive neighbours. As Louise threw her head back, savouring a blistering orgasm whilst pinching her breasts painfully, Adrian felt glad that he had done so.

Adrian Blake was in his early forties, whilst his new neighbours were still in their twenties. For the last few weeks, through the thin party wall, he had heard the nightly crescendo of passion originating with Louise and Ben. He did not object to it, though. In fact, as their landlord, he would have been offended if he could not hear them. He considered hearing them as part of the letting arrangements, as he did his desire to dominate Louise.

As he watched Louise rocking her wet slit across her the gaping mouth and lapping tongue of her lover, he recalled the motivation that drove him to make an excuse to avoid leaving this weekend. He had met the neighbours for the first time only two months previously, when he had chosen to show the potential tenants around the cottage. It was at that meeting that he noticed just how captivating Louise Carter was. He had read the details sent by the letting agent. Louise was a teaching assistant at the local school. Ben worked at some small factory out of town. The stereotypical young couple, he had thought, but nothing had prepared him for meeting her.

She had arrived first, and had knocked on his front door. He remembered how he had fought to stop his jaw from hitting the floor. She wore a light grey, all-in-one business suit, a tight blouse, and an apologetic, almost meekly subservient smile. Having apologised for disturbing him, she told him who she was. Adrian recalled joining her outside the empty cottage. Soon they were making small talk.

Her partner, the seemingly worthless Ben Jackson, had arrived in jeans and a T-Shirt. Adrian remembered how disappointed Louise had looked when Ben pulled up outside the cottage in his Ford Fiesta. She had made the effort to please Adrian. Ben had not.

After Adrian took them for a brief tour, they had walked around on their own, talking about where they would place things - the television, the sofa and the bed. Ben had looked for signs of dry rot and condensation, yet all Louise had done was smile and shuffle awkwardly. Adrian showed Ben the garden. Once Ben had left to look around, Adrian returned to the kitchen where he found Louise bent over, looking under the sink.

Her rear was thrust upwards in the most captivating manner. The fabric of her trousers struggled to contain the round orbs that seemed to be crying out to Adrian to dominate. It was at that moment that he decided that he had to have her. He wanted to rule her, to dominate her, to feel the young hot body providing him with pleasure. Yet he also knew that doing so would be risky.

Having banished all thoughts of his wife and his fifteen years of marriage, Adrian had decided that he needed to know whether he could indeed become master of such a wondrous specimen of the feminine form.

"Would you like to see the potting shed?" he had asked with far less force than he wanted to project. Fear almost gagged him as he added, "Please?"

Louise smiled, and they joined Ben at the old potting shed at the far end of the overgrown and unkempt garden. Ben muttered to himself about the grass needing cutting and the flower beds needing weeding, whilst Louise looked on from a few feet away.

Adrian grasped an old bamboo cane that had once been used for runner beans. It was weathered, broken, and short, but as he pulled it out of the ground, Adrian knew how he could find out what he had to know. Brushing some of the soft earth off of it, he waited. Then, when Ben's back was turned, he brought the cane down with a hard swipe, whipping the air between himself and Louise before stopping suddenly, when the rod reached the level of her buttocks. The earth that had clung to it kept moving onward, but Adrian's eyes remained fixed on Louise.

She folded her arms across her breasts, but he noticed a sparkle - a desire that had never been confided to another person - flash through her eyes: a longing for someone to whip her. Adrian smiled as she looked at him.

"There are possibilities for the garden," Ben said, oblivious to what was going on.

"Yes, there are," Adrian replied, as if he had done nothing before stealing a glance at Louise. "There are indeed."

Louise involuntarily nodded. Her nod went almost undetected, but Adrian's eagle eye drank in everything about her. Having considered her reaction, he felt as if her subconscious called out to him, begging to be rescued. It was all he needed to know. He dropped the cane into the grass, and began to think deeply on how he could go about obtaining what he now so devilishly desired.

For the rest of the tour, Adrian deliberately avoided making eye contact with Louise, not wanting to make his increasing infatuation obvious. Instead, he chatted to Ben about the information he needed to complete the Tenancy Agreement, and the one-month security deposit he required: all the boring things that he sensed held no interest for Louise. Soon, she began fidgeting and looking at her watch. Ben noticed. Having made excuses, he ended the tour. Soon Adrian stood at the roadside - the dutiful neighbour, waving them off.

No sooner had they gone from view than he began to arrange their successful tenancy application. Within a few weeks he had made their dreams and his fantasy come true. Louise was now his neighbour.

Remaining oblivious to their voyeuristic landlord, Ben moved his hands under Louise's buttocks and pulled her to his mouth once more, licking her deep inside her moist slit. Louise rubbed her shoulders through the damp grass and looked up at the sky stained crimson by the setting sun. She gasped and moaned as her orgasm broke. In the far distance, a pair of crows returned her cries.

Moving away from the window, Adrian retreated deeper into the gloom. The bedroom was a large converted attic. Large oak roof trusses formed barriers and partitions. Some had been plastered to form walls, and had pictures hanging on them. Those nearest the bed had been varnished and polished to make them an attractive feature. Relaxing against one such beam, Adrian faced the double bed. It was here that both he and his wife slept, although his spouse seemed not to enjoy sex anymore. Adrian craved sex like a predator, and now he had found a victim.

He looked at the two bedside cabinets, both neat and fastidiously maintained, but as separate as was possible in married life. Glancing over to Jill's' side, he saw their wedding picture. Knowing what he planned to do, he walked over and laid the picture face down.

As he returned to rest against the beam, he surveyed just how aroused he had become. His trousers had become tight as his swollen manhood bulged, straining every stitch and seam. Snorting his derision, his contempt for his wife and the restraints of civilised clothing, he unbuckled his belt, pulled it out of the loops, and threw it onto the pillows. His erect member sprang out of his boxers and stood to attention, its throbbing veins eager to release his seed. Absently, he moved his hand over to his shaft and began to masturbate. Having rolled his hot hand down his shaft, he felt the veins under his fingers pulse as the motion continued upwards, rubbing over his engorged purple head with each stroke. He realised that he needed this - that he wanted release from the drudgery of his marriage.

Closing his eyes, he conjured up images of Louise alone, slowly stripping for him as he lay on the double bed. He imagined her peeling off layers of clothes to reveal her naked flesh. His cock jerked as his imagination increased his arousal. He pictured himself making love to her on the lawn, his mouth feasting on her hungry slit, his tongue pleasuring her to orgasm. In his mind, he knew that he could no longer be satisfied with simply watching Ben make love to her.

Soon, he said to himself as he reached forward with his free hand to grab the bed frame. One day very soon, I will sling that young rump across this bed, and have her.

As his eyes remained closed, the image of Louise began to change. Gone was the tongue-licking on the lawn. Instead, they were in the bedroom. She lay prostrated in front of him, her body bent across the hard oak bed frame, her hands cuffed behind her back, her buttocks glowing under the whip. He visualized the collar and chain encircling her neck. He heard the cries muffled by a gag fashioned from her girl-wet panties, pulled from her trembling body only moments before. This was bondage; this was domination. He wanted to feel power once again. He used to be respected. He used to be admired. Now he felt sidelined, omitted and discarded. Soon he would possess the power again. He would feel whole again; he would feel dominant again.

The very thought proved such a turn-on that he came with a shudder. He fired his load over the bed frame and onto the sheets. No longer caring what his wife might say when she returned home after the weekend, no longer caring that he pictured another woman as his lover, no longer caring that his hand rocked backwards and forwards, lubricated by his own spunk, he cried out as his enjoyment peaked. He could not return to normality. He had begun a journey of discovery, and he wanted Louise's companionship. Where he led, she would follow. When he told her to beg, she would beg. When he told her to crawl, she would crawl. And when he told her to submit, she would plead for more.

A gasp left his lips as the flow subsided from his throbbing cock, and his fingers finished their wicked work.

Outside darkness had begun to fall. He could hear the back door close, next door. He smiled, as an idea formed inside his head. His marriage was a sham. He no longer had sex with his wife. Their personal interests were totally different. He had only married her on account of her family's connections. Without her, he would not have been as successful in the City as he had been. The marriage had been one of convenience. Now it had become inconvenient. He admitted to himself that whilst he might never ask Jill for a divorce, he would have to arrange for her to be removed from all aspects of his life.

Adrian knew that he could easily have an affair without his wife's ever knowing. She took sleeping pills and never paid much attention to him, even when they lay in the same bed. He also knew that if he could have a little time with Louise, so as to educate her, she would soon beg for her bottom to be spanked, for her body to be bound.

There was just one problem: Ben Jackson. Adrian knew that he would need to remove Ben from the equation before he could insert his member into Louise's ravaged body. As he pondered this problem, a thin smile broke across his lips. Moving to the bed once again, he wiped himself with one of the sheets, adjusted his clothes so that he looked presentable, descended the stairs, and entered his study.

A stockbroker by trade, Adrian reflected that his study was really a work-from-home office. A large oak table equipped with a powerful laptop dominated the room. Books and printed reports were scattered across it. In the far corner under the window, a small drinks cabinet stood. Its glass front displayed bottles of single malt whiskey, ready to be poured out.

Having closed the curtains, Adrian reached for a tumbler, and made his favourite drink: a very expensive and exclusive Scotch he had taken to drinking when he closed a deal. Sitting down, he reclined into his plush leather chair, and sipped lightly at the triple he had served himself. He then opened the laptop and began to search for the records he had kept of the tenancy next door. Opening the relevant files, he set about amassing enough information to enable him to steal Ben Jackson's identity. He had bank details, date of birth, sort codes and employment history, but these were all copies sent via e-mail from the letting agents. Their office was twenty miles away, and they retained the originals.

Adrian thought for a second about asking for copies, but then dismissed that notion, as it would leave a trail for someone to follow. He wanted this plan to work, and that meant leaving no clues for busybodies to follow.

With what little information he had, he knew that he could order a new debit card from the bank and intercept it when the postman came to deliver it. After all, out of the three of them, he was the one that could work from home without arousing any suspicions. However, he did not know Ben's pin number, so he would need to rely on another form of identification. Adrian realised that he needed a signature.

Opening the document relating to the tenancy, he found that it was a copy of the original, so there was no signature for him to copy. A wave of disappointment washed over him, but he rallied. He needed something tangible - something that Ben would have signed. Something that would allow him to weave a web of deceit so tight that Louise would be trapped, and Ben could not free her, even if he had the brain-power, and could figure out what had happened.

Adrian thought about what he needed to do in order to get that signature. He paused, and then walked out into the kitchen. He had his answer.

Meanwhile, next door, oblivious to the scheme being set into motion, Ben lay naked on the kitchen floor whilst Louise stood astride him.

"I'm going to enjoy this," she informed him while slowly lowering herself onto his chest.

"What are you going to do?" Ben asked with a faint quiver in his voice.

"Wait and see," she said, slowly turning so that she was facing his feet.

"Oh, my…" was all Ben could say before Louise leaned forward and sucked on his spent cock. Her rear moved over his face, and her slit teasingly presented itself to his mouth.

Wrapping his arms around her, Ben pulled her dripping hole to his mouth, and slid his tongue deep inside her. Revolving it around, he tasted her inner walls and drank her lust. Louise continued to suck his member, feeling it grow inside her mouth. She savoured the salty taste of his spunk and her own juices. She licked his cock as if it were an ice cream cone, and played with his balls. Moving his fingers across to her rump, Ben ran them across the mounds, playing with them and massaging them.

Louise secretly longed for him to pull her buttocks apart, so as to let to air into her most secret of places, and then to finger her there. But her fiancé did not follow her desires. Instead, he moved a hand down between the halves of her slit, and his mouth searched for her throbbing clitoris. Although she felt invigorated as his finger moved like a humming bird's wing, she wished that she could turn her darkest fantasies into words. Often she had dreamed about having a man slide his cock into her rear, or wished for a tongue to slip into her asshole, past the dark flesh. She wanted her body to be pumped and dominated. Instead, all she had was "vanilla" sex, all the time. She had no idea how or where her desires originated. She only knew that it was getting harder and harder to repress them. Ben was good at what he did - she would admit that - but she longed for more attention, and for more things to play with than his single, exhausted member.

Letting his hardness out of her mouth, she rocked back onto her heels. Ben's tongue still slipped in and out, drinking her as she rolled her hands along his cock. She rubbed him as hard and as expertly as she could, but his member failed to respond in time. He was about to make her come, and she wanted some pain to go with her pleasure. Reaching up, she pinched her nipples as her womb somersaulted, and she began to gush into his mouth. She bit her lip as her nail dug into her tender flesh. Shuddering as the agony slipped into ecstasy, she rocked back and forth on her lover's face until it was over.

Stepping off of Ben, Louise walked over to the sink and collapsed in the corner. Ben lay there, inert except for the occasional gasp of breath as he recovered. She looked at him. She loved him, or she would not have gotten engaged, but she nonetheless wished that there was more to their love life than this. She also knew that it would be a waste of time talking to Ben, as he was very much a one-flavour guy.

I should feel fulfilled, she thought. After all, they had been making love and bringing each other pleasure for over two hours. Nonetheless, despite all her orgasms, she felt empty: hollow inside. What she wanted was some real excitement, before they became like their landlords: too old and too set in their ways to enjoy life.

"You are amazing," Ben told her, propping himself up on one arm.

"What?" she replied, realising that she was becoming lost in her dark thoughts of whips, orgasms and anal fucking.

"That was amazing. You are amazing," Ben repeated.

"Aw, thank you. I aim to please."

"'Please' doesn't even come close." He looked sheepishly at his body. "Sorry I didn't make it."

"That's OK," Louise replied, as tenderly as any lie could be said.

"You know, you really are special."

"Thank you," she said before adding under her breath, if only our sex lives were.

Unaware of his lover's unease, Ben got up, and reached out his hand. Grabbing it, Louise pulled herself to her feet. The two of them slowly staggered into their bedroom, where they fell onto the sheets. They talked for a few minutes about what to do with the remaining boxes of things that lay scattered in the various rooms, how much they loved each other, and how early Ben had to wake up before going to work. Slowly, they drifted off into sleep. Louise clung to Ben like a survivor clinging to a raft. Ben slept impassively, too tired from work and from play to do anything else.

Outside the kitchen door, a shadow moved, slowly at first, and then swiftly as it neared the dustbins. Adrian had clambered over the fence whilst his tenants were engaged in licking and sucking each other. He had seen how poorly Ben had responded to Louise's mouth and to her hands. Adrian smiled, as his plan suddenly took on a new vigour. But he could not congratulate himself yet.

He returned to searching through the dustbin bags full of discarded papers, documents and other rubbish, so as to find what he wanted. Soon, he found a chequebook, thrown out in haste. One of the pages remained in it. For a second, Adrian hoped that Ben had really been stupid and thrown out a blank cheque, but a quick glance revealed that it was the request for a deposit slip for his bank account. Realising that the longer he remained crouched outside the kitchen window, the greater his chance of being spotted, he retied the refuse sacks and closed the lid on the dustbin. He then returned to the comfort of his home.

After cleaning his hands of grime and dirt, Adrian returned to the study, and opened the chequebook to the required page. Taking a pencil, he rubbed the graphite across the paper where Ben would have signed the cheque. Sure enough, a multitude of signatures, one on top of the other, began to shine through the dark shading of graphite. Adrian chuckled as he traced the least garbled signature onto a thin sheet of tissue. He now could remove Ben Jackson from the picture. Ben's limp response to Louise had given Adrian an idea.

Taking a large swig of his beloved whisky, Adrian recalled the effect of drink on even the fittest of men. It had been ten years ago that he had been asked to take a client out to a bar for some "entertainment." Adrian took the client, a young man who had moved into computers long before the smart money did, to a secluded bar, far away from the usual city folk. The client had recommended the whisky, and Adrian had a glass. The client had a few. Then came the actual entertainment: a very shapely stripper called Honey. As the client soon found out, she did a little more than just dance and remove her clothes.

Adrian introduced her to the client. Before long, the client's trousers were around his ankles and Honey was rubbing him as hard as she could, desperate for him to come so that she could suck him clean. Adrian was amazed at the fact that the seemingly virile young man could not respond to the hands seeking to masturbate him. For over five minutes, Adrian watched as she rubbed, sucked and licked his client, trying to make him respond. The client grew deeply embarrassed, and fearful of what Adrian might say. In the end, Honey gave up. Adrian had paid in advance, so he suggested that Honey pleasure him instead. Within a few seconds he grew stiff, and pumped into Honey's mouth. The client signed a deal on the spot, and Adrian fondly recalled how he made his ten percent commission.

Sighing softly, Adrian recalled the times after that when he returned to feel Honey's tongue glide over his member. How amazing her mouth was! How virile he had been! He also remembered his final visit. He recalled how disappointed he had been to find that he would be working from home, so that he could no longer make clandestine visits, so as to see Honey or feel her mouth wrapped around him. Soon he would not have to travel far. If his plan worked, Louise would offer him her mouth to spunk in, before the year was out.

The plan was simple. He would use the stolen credit card to empty Ben's bank account of money. When the rent was not paid, Louise would become suspicious. She would grow even more so when she found empty whisky bottles in the rubbish. Adrian would make sure that they were discovered. When she found betting slips with his signature on them in the rubbish, she would think that Ben had taken up gambling. Ben always worked too many hours and too often. She would think that his lack of vigour was due to drink, not exhaustion. Adrian sipped his whisky and reclined into his chair. He chuckled to himself as he went online and set his plan into motion.