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A novel of violence
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-420-0
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 280 Pages
Published: January 2007

From inside the flap

Aden Stark is in trouble. His older sister was stolen, leaving his family a dysfunctional shell of cold distances and substance abuse. Now her voice haunts his dreams, leading him to an impossible house of terrors that is not of this world.

Inside, Aden is coerced into the service of the goblin-freak to serve as the sorcererís†boy assassin in exchange for his sisterís soul. Traveling through nightmare dimensions stacked like maleficent Faberge eggs, Aden embarks on a horrific quest. In haunted ruins Aden faces his fears and comes to understand the very nature of violence and the sacrifices love demands even as he begins to suspect that the worlds around him are illusions spun by the lying voice in his headÖ†††††



It starts, the way it always does, with a body.

Itís what the homicide detectives and beat cops call a "floater", which simply means the corpse is found in the water. Itís harder to pluck good clues from a floater, especially one thatís been in the water for very long. In the case of this particular floater though, it was common consensus among the guys with the body bags that identification would be easy (if painful) for the family because the face was very much intact. The forensic guys would check the latest batch of faces on the milk cartons, get a match and somebody from crisis counseling would call the right set of hopeful parents and squash their hopes with the stark finality of the truth.

It was also common consensus who the killer was. The M. O. left little doubt. The press hadnít gotten wind of the fact yet--so the general population sure as hell didnít know--but the city had birthed yet another serial killer. A pedophilic, torturing, mutilation prone serial killer. What had been done to the body of the fifteen year old runaway was not pretty--couldnít have been pretty and still excited the monster, but it was also unique, like a calling card. Whoever was doing this was extremely proud of their work and didnít want credit going to anyone else. Like most artists, the creature was very jealous of its creations.

But for a moment, and just a moment, before the ugliness of pulling a body out of the water consumed everyone, there was a flash of beauty. The girlís hair gently fanned out about her in the gray, lapping waves and it was such pretty hair. Long and auburn and it looked just as soft as silk. It was the kind of hair a mother could have brushed out nightly for her little girl, or been stroked gently by a father reading a bedtime story. It was the kind of hair that upon reaching maturity, a lover would have worshipfully run their hands through. It was beautiful.

Then someone snagged the bobbing corpse with a steel hook on the end of a long pole and tugged the body closer to the shore. When the body turned over, no one present could have possibly contained beautiful thoughts anymore.

A rookie paramedic barfed up his White Castles all over his spit shine.

"Call the Chief," the patrol sergeant said. "Tell him it looks like another one."

"Mr. Giggles?"

"Yeah, Mr. Giggles."