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ISBN-10: 1-55404-400-6
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Science Fiction
eBook Length: 354 Pages
Published: October 2006

From inside the flap

In everyday life we face dilemmas, obstacles, and situations where a decision needs to be made. Whether we choose the right or wrong path, only time will tell. In Aleatory, the residents are used to strange occurrences, to newcomers traveling through but never returning. But for these newcomers, Aleatory’s Junction will prove to be more than just a fork in a corner out of town. For some, it will mean an ultimate life changing euphoria. And for others…well…let’s just say a mirror of who they really are.


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Jenna Josephine Aleatory
By Lea Schizas© 2006

Life wasn’t always so dead for me. And I do mean dead, literally. Been dead now for quite some time. Can’t remember how long but it’s suffice to say I’m really and most truly dead.

Things could be worse I suppose. Might have been running away from destiny’s trail trying to stomp off the fire from hell’s gates as my father chose to do.

No, I like it here. But before I describe to you where ’here’ is and how I ended up ’here’, let me introduce myself.

The name’s Jenna. Jenna Josephine Aleatory and I’m your hostess to the wonderful and chilling tales you are soon to embark on in Aleatory’s Junction.

Jack Wadsworth was a beast. All the girls in Aleatory went nuts over him, well, over his body. That man would be in the process of sitting, and the girls would go all ’ah, he’s so handsome’. Not me. Guess that’s why he chased me and not the other way around. Then again, he did pay me for my services.

Now hold on a sec before you go judging me. Let me explain.

Pa was a hard man to live with. Had this dream about building himself this town off of Salem, where no witches and warlocks would be allowed. Folks laughed but never in front of Pa. Oh no, that would have been a big mistake. You see, Pa was loaded, filthy rich, and owned the bank, the only bank at the time in Salem. But life got hard for folks, didn’t pay their loans and Pa believed it all stemmed from witches and warlocks hiding out in Salem. Never did any good to try and change his mind. Stuck to his guns the way he stuck to those lady friends of his he would tell me were his ’clients’. Anyone half blind could see these ladies possessed no skills to be his ’clients’, other than the skills they were wearing in their bras.

Regardless, Pa finally found a developer who was willing to part with a certain land just outside of Salem for practically nothing. All Pa had to do was wipe that man’s slate clean, owe nothing to the bank, let him go mortgage free.

Thus the town of Aleatory began developing. Pa had begun to ’persuade’ local Salem residents who displayed the same ’distaste’ in these witches and warlocks as himself; promised them prime land if they would commit to moving right away. Lands were contracted, development began to boom. And the big collision between Mr. Wadsworth, local mayor of Salem, and Pa had begun its ugly path. But more on this a bit later.

Aleatory was now ready for occupancy. Salem began to see some of its old time residents leaving their homeland to begin a new life 60 miles north of Salem. And Wadsworth’s continuing opposition with Pa began to escalate at this point.

And this is where my story begins.

Jack and I were nicknamed "Romeo and Juliet" and talk around Aleatory was centered on their ’guessing’ our ultimate deaths to be no later than our twentieth birthdays. I paid no attention to idle chitchats for these came out of the mouths of the ’jealous’ ones, those who were shunned by Jack. It was these same love struck girls who began the nickname and rumors Jack and I would ’kill’ ourselves if our families did not see eye to eye about our relationship.

There was no immediate chemistry between Jack and I although I ’pretended’ quite a lot in front of Miss High and Mighty herself, Anita Blaze and her entourage of identical copycat creations. Jack would shake his head, lean toward me as though expressing his undying love, and whisper, "you are a very naughty girl."

Yes, I was a very naughty girl according to Mr. Wadsworth who forbade Jack to see me.

We did, many times over, after all, we attended the same school, ’the’ only school in Aleatory.

Some may be asking right about now how did Jack Wadsworth manage to attend a school in Aleatory where Salem had a perfectly fine school of its own. Ah…now that’s what Mr. Wadsworth had asked as well after Jack informed him his acceptance to Aleatory High was accepted.

You see, Jack wasn’t only a charming and alluring young man, but smart beyond his years. Jack was a warlock, unbeknown to his parents and anyone else for that matter…except for me. After all, a witch can spot a warlock from a mile away.

Yes, the Aleatorys each possessed some remnant of magic in their system, and all was for the good of man. Not one Aleatory ever dared use their magical abilities for their own gain but for the good of others, such as my great-great-great…well, future niece, Elena Aleatory, in the stories you will read will demonstrate.

So why was my father so adamant to leave Salem ’because’ of witches and warlocks? Just a ruse to gain fame in a way no warlock has ever achieved- the human way with no powers.

Jack did use his powers, however, to cast a spell on his school ’not’ to accept him due to ’an overwhelming amount of acceptances, therefore we regret to inform you Salem High will not be accepting your registration’. And this is where our problems began to surface.

It is written in an unknown book probably floating somewhere in magic land that whomever casts a spell for his own good will face the consequences. And these consequences came to us head on in no time at all.

Jack moved in with the Bigleys, a family Mr. Wadsworth paid to look after Jack.

Our last year in Aleatory High was supposed to be one of grandeur seeing how many of us were graduating with honors. No magic on my part, I promise. I followed the overall rules of obedience when it came to using my magical powers. There was only one occasion where I did use a spell to thwart young Anthony Hill away from the Egger boys. They were bad news, always into fights. Even went as far as purposely tripping old man Bedlam just to see the expression on his face.

No, Anthony was a very insecure man and a little help from me to make him see what the Egger boys were really like followed the rule to use magic for the good of others. I came in a dream to him and pointed out the Eggers hiding behind a bush, red-faced devils with pointy horns waiting for victims to traipse by and trip. Poor, poor Anthony, scared the living daylights out of him and never did he ever speak to those two again.

Let me backtrack for a minute and explain something about my father. I stated he was a hard man to live with, yes, but he was a gentle and kind bear, as well. Hard only because I was not allowed the freedom I demanded. Looking back now it was a wonder my father didn’t reprimand me more while growing up. In some ways, if he had, perhaps Aleatory’s Junction and that all magical right path would never have come to be.

I grow weary right now. This place I am forced to reside in takes a lot out of a spirit. I’ll be back later on to continue my tale and how Aleatory’s right fork came to possess the magic it now occupies.

Jenna Josephine Aleatory