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The Williard Brothers Collection
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-399-9
Genre: Suspense/Thriller/Science Fiction
eBook Length: 813 Pages
Published: October 2006

From inside the flap

The Williard Brothers Collection is a compilation of award winning author Darrell Bainís 4 popular adventure novels; Medics Wild!, BigFoot Crazy, Postwar Dinosaur Blues, and The Billion Dollar Caribbean Caper (Three for the Money).  All books have individually won awards or placed as finalists. Medics Wild! in particular has won a variety of accolades and has been described as funny as the long-time running television show... M*A*S*H. Darrell was a medic in the Vietnam War and I personally believe that he drew from his personal experiences.

The remaining books take the Williard brothers (first introduced in Medics Wild!) on a variety of adventures from a search for Bigfoot, dinosaurs and in the end... a treasure hunt.

If you havenít yet read one or all of these fabulous books by Fictionwise Author of the Year Darrell Bain, now is your chance to pickup all four novels in a single volume! ~ The Publisher

Medics Wild!:
When the Williard brothers get going, any resemblance to a real war is purely coincidental! Sgt. James Williard uses his position as the hauncho of a medical dispensary in Vietnam as a base, while he and his crazy medics turn the war zone into a party zone. Williardís two brothers, Jerry, a naval ensign and Jason (Jumpiní Jase) the Marine fighter pilot who regularly loses 15 million dollar planes join the fun and then it is like no war ever recorded. Wilder than M*A*S*H, a hilarious romp.

Postwar Dinosaur Blues:

After the war the zany Williard brothers and their paramours go looking for adventure and find all they can handle when they decide to see if there really is a dinosaur still living deep in the Congo. Flying a beat-up old seaplane, the brothers are shot up, shot down, chased by the Mafia for carrying drug money they donít know they have, captured by pygmies and forced to undergo the dread palm wine drinking contest, where failure means being fed to Mokele Mbembe--and if they survive all this, the Godfather is waiting back in New York to feed them to his pet shark.

Bigfoot Crazy:
The Williard brothers are tired of the sedentary life. When one of them falls heir to proof of Bigfoot--or possibly an alien--various government agencies began chasing them and their girlfriends, hoping to recover alien technology, if thatís what it is. Deep in the wildest part of The Brooks Mountain Range in Alaska, the chase comes to a head, with the CIA, Russians, NSA and Mafia all vying with the Williard brothers and an Eskimo girl to win the prize.

The Billion Dollar Caribbean Caper (Three for the Money):
Since their introduction in Medics Wild!, the zany Williard brothersí adventures have become increasingly science fictionish in nature, involving a real dinosaur in the Congo one time and factual evidence of Bigfoot (or more likely an alien) the next, but this escapade tops even those past exploits for strangeness. THREE FOR THE MONEY takes place after the turn of the century when the Williard brothers of Vietnam war fame are beginning to show their age, but arenít ready to slow down yet. They are headed into their wildest adventure yet, involving a treasure worth far more than their inherited billions even if they can collect the money, which becomes increasingly doubtful, because others want it, too. Their attempt to find the money and the baffling object that may be the real prize will set the stage for their antics to last for many, many years to come. Of course first they have to defeat the mysterious Mister H and his beautiful assistant, the CIA, the FBI, and the Mexican army, then find the money, collect the unknown prize and escape with their lives. Thatís a tall order for anyone--except the Williard brothers, the most amazing trio to appear in fiction since The Three Musketeers!

The Williard Brothers Collection (Excerpt)