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The Gorg Wars
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-387-5
Genre: Science Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
eBook Length: 278 Pages
Published: September 2006

Total Readers: 1

From inside the flap

Get ready to experience the adventures of two brothers, Armulen and Doran as they fight off the ruthless invasion of the grotesque Gorg aliens.

The monsters from a far off planet are set on raping the lands of Thanos for its rich food supply. During their conquest they find out that humans and Slefs (gnome like people with magical powers) also taste pretty darned good when grilled just right.

Now the future of Thanos falls into the hands of two brothers who were raised in a small village outside the major population center of Haku City. They were both separated by circumstances and are brought together by the evil Gorg Army.

The Gorg Wars (Excerpt)

Chapter One

Approaching Storm

"We are approaching the atmosphere at a rapid pace, Gendot Holan." Fon stood at attention waiting for a reply from his master. Gendot Holan was the commander who forced him to be a part of this insane mission.

Holan did not verbally respond. His bright yellow pupils shifted towards his young aide and then shot back at the shipís view screen. His needlelike teeth quietly clicked together in his wide mouth.

"Sir?" Fon watched in anticipation. He had seen this reaction from his superior many times. The gendot never responded when in deep thought. Holan clicked his teeth before whatever thought he had was fully processed. Fon just wondered what it could be. Trying to predict his masterís thoughts became somewhat of a game.

Gendot Holan raised his clawlike fingers and pierced them into a bowl of hand sized juicy round fruit resting on his command chair armrest. The razor sharp tips of his fingers plucked a handsome sized blood grape from the bunch.

"Alert the fleet." Holan finally answered in a deep grumbling petulant voice. The gendotís mouth ripped the exotic grape from his fingers.

"Yes, sir." Fon did not know which was more repulsing? The deep red juice running down his masterís gray chin or the wretched sucking sounds Holan made as he swallowed the fleshy chunks. Some of his species still had animalistic behaviors, but as the leader of the entire Gorg fleet the aide expected more in the way of etiquette.

"And, Fon?" The gendot plunged his hand back into the bowl pricking a new blood grape.

He turned back to face his master, but only saw his thick blue main of hair spreading across his wide neck. "Sir?"

"Make sure we penetrate the atmosphere at the coordinates our scouts gave us." The gendot gurgled as he chewed and talked at the same time. "We can not afford to lose the element of surprise when it comes to this species. I hear they are quite advanced."

This was true. From everything the scouting party told the Gorg Council, the people of Thanas were very intelligent. The humans had advanced technology similar to their own species.

Rumor had it the humans even had an ability to break through their own atmosphere into orbit. The Gorg fleet focused on Thanas? green surface.

The planet below their vessel had two major continents. One seemed no more than a barren wasteland with little in the way of vegetation. The other side of Thanas held the key to the Gorgs? survival.

Thanas had the only known source left with the food supply the Gorgs sought in their solar system. The blood grapes are the Gorgís main source of nutrition. The scouts did not have an opportunity to test humans for taste and nutrition; however, the scouts bragged about the Slefs being quite a treat.

Slefs were pudgy little beings that shared the planet with the humans. They were about half the size of their counterparts. The other major difference was the general roundness in their chunky bodies, which provided plenty of meat.

Making his way from the bridge, Fon noticed many of the battle hungry soldiers shuffling down the steel corridors of the vessel. They carried their weapons over their shoulders with plated armor covering their gray bodies as they made for the landing transports. Battle preparations commenced to conquer Thanas. Fon feared for those humans. His species had a reputation for being ruthless. Sometimes he wished he could remove his own mane and shed his gray skin. One thing that ripped through the aideís mind had been how easily gendotís disposed of other life forms without a hint of remorse. Gendots and other officers also eliminated Gorg life in the same fashion as long as it brought them advancement.

Gorgs have done things to others that Fon felt ashamed. The Council rationalized the barbaric behavior due to the need to constantly feed Gradigos? beings.

He recalled an invasion of a small moon, Fargis. It was not far from his home planet, Gradigos. The species of this one particular moon, Fargigans, were very primitive indeed. They didn?t stand a chance against the Gorg armies and the fine gendots who led them. Fon had been assigned to the supply house along the quickly assembled shipping port on Fargis, which transported food sources from the moon to Gradigos .

From his post, he had witnessed soldiers transporting the skinned bodies of their freshly killed prey to the home planet. The Fargigans weren?t considered much of a meal, but turned out to be supplemental side dishes. Their six appendages dangled from their freshly processed bodies as they were loaded aboard Gorg vessels. Every part of their beings had been used to supply the feeding demands of Gradigos. Many devoured the Fargigans? numerous eyeballs as a delicacy since the beings bore five sets a piece. That moon fed the Gorg population for five of Gradigos? revolutions around the sun.

Moons were their primary targets until the scouts discovered Thanas. The new planet proved a suitable source of food with an everlasting supply of blood grapes. This proved the Councilís beliefs that blood grapes flourished throughout the galaxy. Since Thanas? coordinates proved to be only a few planets distance, it made for an easy target with a larger harvest of nourishing fruit than most moons combined.

As Gradigos grew in population, the stress on farmers and hunters grew as the supplies and consumables vanished. Something had to be done, to continue the feeding supply. Conquest of other worlds became a logical answer to the Council. The first of the other worlds, Thanas, lay just beyond the lengthy asteroid belt.

If Fon kept his opinions quiet long enough, then he might have a chance to lead the Council. That will be the day his species finally harvests their own food supply on the seven moons surrounding Gradigos. Instead of armies, He would put all the agricultural resources to work on the surrounding moons. The huge rocks orbited the home planet with only defense bases on them, but Fon believed the Gorgs can do so much more with the territories that Gradigos already had in its possession. He believed invasions to be quite costly. However, the Council for the time being stand by their reasoning about building colonies on new worlds in order to relieve their stressed population.

Arriving at his quarters, Fon opened the entrance panel pinning his eyes on his personal terminal. The aide eased into his chair relaxing at his com-desk. He keyed in the coordinates to the well nourished planet below the scouts gave to Gendot Holan. The fleet would be invading Thanas at the most northern point of that world. They intended to quietly take transport crafts down towards the planetís largest land mass. The other continent did not seem suitable for the groves that nurtured the blood grapes. The invasion would quickly begin at the mouth of the Huda River, running almost the length of the large continent, splitting the surface in two sections. The gendots figured their Gorg armies could divide and conquer the people of Thanas by separating the humans? military resources.

Without warning Fonís entry panel abruptly slid open. It revealed an old friend standing in the doorway. Jarek poised in full war armor with the lights from the corridor shining off his chest plate. The soldierís kilt swayed softly under his armored belt. He has been Fonís greatest companion since they were younglings. They studied together, played games with each other and courted some of the same females of their species. They were about to fight their first real war together.

"I am ready, Fon." He flashed his needle-like teeth as they grinded with excitement. "You?"

Fon clicked his bites in response, which showed enthusiasm for the battle ahead. As much as Fon did not like how his species devoured other worlds, he enjoyed the battles. Conquering an entire planet was something new that got the plasma flowing. "These humans are unlike any other enemy. They are highly intelligent with advanced weapons."

"Rumor has it they will not go down with ease." Jarekís yellow pupils flared brightly. "Finally, we will face a worthy opponent."

Jarek had been on a few of the moon invasions in the past, yet he never served with Fon. He lived for the exhilaration a battle brought to oneís soul. Fon empathized for the poor beings that stood against his friend.

"Is your squad set?"

"We are awaiting orders. Not all of us are offspring of privilege." Jarekís eyes again flared. Others would be easily intimidated by the way Jarekís pupils gazed upon them, but Fon knew better than to fear his friend. Jarek applied these non-verbal tactics since they were younglings.

"Do not hate me because my father is second to the head of the Council." Fon widened his yellow eyes right back at his eager friend. "After all, when I am Emperor to the Council, you will then be considered a friend of privilege."

Jarek snorted a choppy laugh. "May I look at your coordinate grid?" For the first time since the soldier stood in Fonís entry way, he clunked his heavy boots into the quarters. Most common soldiers, privats, were not permitted access to an aideís quarters, but this was a different set of circumstances. After all, Fon was the offspring of privilege and would invite whomever he wished.

"There is the main atmospheric break here." The aide depressed a tiny round tile along the side of his desk as a three dimensional grid projected from a single lens above the comp screenís frame. The mock up of Thanas slowly rotated in the air. Fon glided his long nail to an area at the northern tip and pierced the hologram showing where their troops will begin their initial stike.

"What of my squad?" Jarekís wide mouth dropped.

"Do not worry, my friend." Jarekís battle group touted itself the best in the fleet. Holanís plans for them were completely different. The gendot pondered dropping the elite squad in the center of the continent once the battle waged from the north and the south. "Your teams will come in from another location."

"How long do you think this will take?" Jarekís voice seemed tremulous.

"Are you getting nervous?"

Suddenly Jarek stiffened into a combative posture. "I fear no species. These humans are just different and need to be treated as such."

"I agree." Fon pressed the button again, sending the transparent sphere retreating into the lens. "The gendot predicts Thanas will fall within five of their suns." Fon did not reveal, however, his thoughts on the Council and the gendots underestimating this new enemy. He knew if he opened his mouth, Jarekís confidence might falter.

The high pitched alarms buzzed throughout the vessel. Both Jarek and Fon threw each other a look of concern.

"What is it, Fon?" Jarekís nostrils flared in frustration.

"The alarm is only to go off if we are under attack." Fon hurried to his side view port in an attempt to catch any signs of alien vessels.

"What do you see?" The privatís eyes brightened as his pupils dilated into orange swirls.

Fon couldn?t provide his friend with an answer. He just hoped something horrible wasn?t occurring. "Letís get to the bridge!" Fon headed for the entry panel.