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eBook Guerilla Marketing
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-135-X
Genre: Non-Fiction/Non-Fiction
eBook Length: 71 Pages
Published: April 2004

From inside the flap

Ebook Guerilla Marketing covers everything - research, preparation, action ? that authors need to find their readership, catch readers? attention and maximize reader sales opportunities.

Everything needed is here. The plan in this book requires NO additional investment, other than time. Suggested enhancements can easily be covered on a $50 per year marketing budget. Itís pure Guerrilla Marketing aimed at making you a lean, mean marketing machine.

The plan works. In fact, marketing activities that don?t work are not in this book. Only the activities that have been proven successful are included here.

Anyone can do this. Every author can build their readership at an accelerated pace ? if they choose to follow this plan. The formula is known. The ingredients are here. Just add a couple hours of your time each week and you, too, will have the chance to join me on the list of top 10% best selling ebooks!

eBook Guerilla Marketing (Excerpt)


Why am I qualified to write this book? Because I have successfully implemented this strategy driving my first book (Dangerous Dreams - Sci-Fi genre) into the top 10% best selling Sci-Fi ebooks on the major ebook stores AND into the Palm Digital Media Science Fiction TOP 50.

And unlike most writers, I have a substantial marketing background having worked as product manager, marketing manager, and vice president of marketing for both business and consumer product companies. Much of my work has involved development of innovative, low-cost marketing strategies to compete with much larger, established and financially powerful corporations - classic guerrilla marketing.

Once implemented, the marketing tactics in this book resulted in Dangerous Dreams? march up the ladder into the top 10% best selling science fiction (as of this writing) at the major online retailers - hitting the top 5% on Sonyís site, the top 7% on efolletís site, the top 8% on Adobe and the PALM TOP 50 science fiction best seller list.

I?m an author and a marketing professional who has developed an ebook marketing strategy that anyone can do - one that I have refined by trial and error - and one that has achieved stellar results once applied to my own book, Dangerous Dreams.

I now give this plan to you, to help you succeed in building a substantial and gratifying readership for your work.


Ebook Guerrilla Marketing is the definitive guide to ebook marketing based on the marketing of Dangerous Dreams that drove it into the top 10% best selling/most popular lists of major online retailers in just 8 weeks.

Not just a success story, eBook Guerrilla Marketing is a no-nonsense detailed guide on how to market ebooks. This book covers what actions must be taken for effective marketing of your ebook, how to develop your own marketing plan, and instructions on how to put each step of your personal marketing plan into action.

If you think you can write an ebook, release it and sit back while the money pours in making you an overnight millionaire, this book is not for you. If you?re willing to learn to be a marketer, to develop a real marketing plan and invest the time in carrying out that plan - then look no further. Everything you need is here.

One finally point, though this book is directed specifically at the ebook market, much of what is here does apply to both the traditional printed market and even more so the print on demand (or POD) market.

In fact, the POD market is an interesting hybrid of the ebook and printed book markets. It doesn?t have the issue of acceptance that is part of the ebook market but the primary sales opportunity is via the Internet - exactly like it is with ebooks.

With a little common sense, the marketing concepts and plan in this book can easily be adapted to the POD book market and can be a supplement to the marketing plan of a traditionally published printed book.