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Dayspring Dawning
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-126-0
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Romance
eBook Length: 276 Pages
Published: April 2004

From inside the flap

[Book II of the DaySpring Trilogy]
Elinna Serru dreams of becoming a Preceptor of the House of Lohenrin. The adepts of that ancient house are trained in the healing arts by the S'hazons, light beings who came to Atlaua from another dimension and aided the Preceptors in vanquishing war and disease. Elinna longs to realize the full potential of her natural khi power and develop her healing gift for the good of her people.
But turmoil bubbles beneath the tranquil surface of Atlaua. For centuries the S?hazons have controlled the land through the Power. But now the ancient religion of the Sky Gods has returned, and its priests have accused the S?hazons of hiding a secret, evil purpose.
That new faith seduces Elinna's best friend, Hasmonea, and the man she loves, the Inheritor, Mesor. Determined to prove that the S'hazons are their true saviors, Elinna undertakes a quest for the truth. But when she discovers a shattering revelation, she is forced toward an unthinkable choice, a choice that might cost her everything she loves.

Reviews and Awards

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"This book was brilliant, from the first page it never lets up, a roller coaster ride of intrigue and adventure, faith and belief. ... A captivating tale."

~ Annette Gisby, author of Silent Screams

Jeanine Berry has written a fascinating science fiction work that will keep readers so interested they will finish the book in one sitting. Dayspring Dawning avoids the simple path to predictable and stereotypical that would have been easy to follow and instead follows through on its promise to be an imaginative and well-written book that is both entertaining and thought provoking

~ Bobbi Duffy for eBook Reviews Weekly

[A] highly entertaining read. Don?t miss this one -- pick up Dayspring Dawning.

~ Astrid Kinn for Romance Reviews Today

A whirlwind of action and sci-fi fantasy intrigue. ... Bravo to a wonderfully imaginative piece of work!

~ Denise M. Clark, Denise's Pieces Book Reviews

"Dayspring Dawning will captivate you from the very first page. Be sure you?ve cleared your schedule before starting this one."

~ Sheri L. McGathy, author of Elfen Gold

Dayspring Dawning was a 2003 Eppie finalist for best fantasy novel. The Eppies are awarded each year to recognize outstanding achievement in electronic publishing.

Dayspring Dawning (Excerpt)

Freezing at every whisper of sound, she edged forward.

Inky blackness! Elinna blinked to make sure her eyes were open. No light at all penetrated to the interior of this pyramid buried deep within the earth.

Fortunately, as a Master of the House she was not dependant on physical sight to find her way. But next step she took would be irrevocable. She was about to break a sacred oath. She must know the truth.

A strange feeling of inevitability swept over her, a surrender to the tides of time and fate. With a prayer?addressed to what demiurge she could not say’she let her inner senses open. Now she could sense the objects around her in the blackness.

Freezing at every whisper of sound, she edged forward. The silence was so intense she could hear her blood pounding in her ears, singing through her veins. She could only trust that the S?hazons did not somehow keep watch over this place from their dimension.

She found the ramp that led to the forbidden door. A few steps took her to the top.

Pain! Elinna jumped back and nearly fell. She clamped her jaws shut to stop the cry that almost escaped her. An energy barrier guarded this door, a barrier that would stop anyone who dared to cross. The S?hazons did not completely trust the Masters of Lohenrin after all.

Did they have something to hide? She could hear Mesor’s voice in her mind, asking the question. Why a barrier here, deep within the earth, where only Masters were allowed, unless there was, indeed, something inside that must be kept secret?