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Worlds of the Sex Gates
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-120-1
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Length: 194 Pages
Published: February 2004

From inside the flap

Book III of the Sex Gates Trilogy

The exciting conclusion to The Sex Gates trilogy. The mystery of the sex gates has at last been solved, but a horrible dilemma arises. The masters of the sex gates are gone, but they have left a potential catastrophe behind. All the people who have gone into gates and disappeared will be coming back, including psychopaths, the horribly injured and the very elderly. There is no way to tell in advance what condition they will arrive in, other than that their sex will have been reversed. Lee and Rita find a way to use quantum worlds to avoid disgorging all these people back onto an earth that is finally settling down, but it involves risks that place his and Rita's life on the line. And just to complicate the problem, some of the seconders who are supposed to be helping turn out to have an agenda of their own, one which risks the whole human race!

Worlds of the Sex Gates (Excerpt)


"Donna wants to have a baby," Rissa announced.

I smiled, picturing my best friend holding a baby in her arms. "Thatís wonderful!" I said. Then I remembered Rita, my love, back on Earth. I had left her alone and carrying our baby. A wave of intense sorrow engulfed me, but I managed to keep the smile on my face for Rissaís sake.

"She says sheís ready for motherhood, or as ready as someone who was born male can ever be." Rissa smiled and tilted her head to one side, letting her long, blonde hair sweep over a bare shoulder.

As usual, I marveled at the complexities the sex gates had brought into our lives. A hint of the perfume Rissa wore drifted my way on a warm breeze. I eyed her cleavage and asked the obvious question. "Are you planning to father this baby?"

"Not in my present condition." Rissa cupped her hands under her two lovely breasts, as if I hadn?t noticed them. For our outing, she?d conjured up a skimpy halter-top sundress of greens and yellows and blues. Her twin mounds threatened to spill out of the two slashes of fabric that held them in place. The soft folds of the dress draped around her curves as if the cloth were alive, the luminous colors shifting and merging with every breath she took. As soon as she saw she?d grabbed my attention with her breasts, she clutched the hem with her scarlet nails and hiked it to the top of her slender thighs. She winked at me as I eyed this further proof of her femininity. When Russell changed into a woman he turned into flirt.

I coughed to clear my throat. "Nothing wrong with your present condition that I can see." My fingers itched to reach over and stroke the warm flesh of her thighs. It was a beautiful day in the Nexus, perfect for a tumble on the grass. My mood perked up a little at the thought of forgetting my problems between Rissaís thighs. The lewd sparkle in her dark blue eyes told me she was horny. Most people are after a trip through a gate.

"Do you think I look good as a woman?" That was a silly question, but like most women Rissa loved a compliment. She patted her golden curls and arched her back slightly to display her breasts to greater advantage.

"I think you?re sexy as hell and I?m prepared to prove it." I shot a torrid grin at her and put my arm around her slim waist. Taking the hint, she cuddled close. I?m not a very big man but Rissa still felt small and fragile and very feminine against me. It was intriguing, since when he was a man he was about my size.

The two of us sat on a round stone, perched on the edge of a cliff. A towering tree with leaves like the blue-green feathers of a Mallard Duck cast its shade over us as we looked down into the valley where a city of living crystal towers held the secrets of the sex gates?and probably many more secrets as well.

The towers sparkled in the bright sunlight. I could swear I could see some of them growing. They were not straight like buildings made by man, but more like trees, sprouting out of the ground and branching into the sky. Whenever I got fooled by the green grass or blue sky and thought for a moment I was back on Earth, a glance at the city cured me.

From the distance, it looked enchanting, like Dorothyís Emerald City in Oz. But when we were inside those towers Rissa and I struggled with seemingly unending problems. Thatís why I liked to leave it behind, wander across the meadows, and climb the hill to the cliff that overlooked the valley where the city sat. Sitting perched on the edge, I found a sense of perspective at last. Or maybe what I really found was a false sense of power. Living in the city of the masters frightened me at times?looking down on it from the edge of this cliff it seemed smaller and I had a momentary illusion of control.

Power is a funny thing. Even when you have it, you can?t always do what you want to do. And even when you can, itís not always such a bright idea. Most of my life, male or female, I?ve had a habit of acting before I stopped to think it through. Ever since Messler had left me in charge of the Nexus, I found myself thinking a lot, perhaps too much. Having awesome power dumped on your shoulders will do that to you.

Russell and I faced a momentous choice soon?it was no exaggeration to say that we held the fate of millions in our hands. I was determined to think any proposed plan of action out thoroughly before I made a final decision. Hence this trip up the hillside for a heart-to-heart with Russell, who happened to be female today.

Then Rissaís unexpected announcement about Donna had sidetracked our discussion.

Not that I cared. I welcomed some good news. I had to decide soon what to do about all the humans who had vanished while going through the sex gates on Earth?and who were now held in stasis on this Nexus world?but that pressing problem could wait while I shared my friendís pleasure. I couldn?t help but notice that the thought of knocking up Donna had gotten her excited. Her nipples had hardened under the thin fabric of her sundress.

"When do you plan to get Donna pregnant?" I aimed a good-natured leer in Rissaís direction.

Rissa shook her head and patted my hand. "We?re still discussing that question. Itís a big step and I don?t like bringing a baby into a situation as unsettled as this one is."