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Beyond Damnation
Seductions of Madness
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-081-7
Genre: Supernatural/Horror
eBook Length: 191 Pages
Published: August 2003

From inside the flap

 In her first collection, Wendy Brewer takes you on a fast-paced journey through the dark and twisted channels of her mind with 15 tales of fear, insanity, lust, obsession and nail-biting terror.

How would you feel if faces, filled with evil, madness and razor-sharp teeth suddenly began appearing all over your house?
What would you do if a stranger -- a seemingly harmless old man -- offered you shelter during a violent storm and you find out a touch too late that his intentions are anything but honorable?
Could you remember to breathe if you finally came face to face with the ethereal creature that stalks you in your sleep?
How far would you go if you met a mythical creature while out on a swim late one summer night?

BEYOND DAMNATION will take you on a joyride you'll never forget, transporting you on an adventure of razor-sharp reading that might just leave you among the ranks of the damned.

Reviews and Awards


Deftly interspersing realistic dialog with unflinching plots and a touch of humor, Brewer keeps it interesting. In "Andrea Gives Good Head" a bizarre sexual scenario unfolds that is as original as it is gruesome. "The Blood of Life" takes a familiar theme just a step further, railroading the reader through one exceedingly brutal act after another. "Sins of Witches" starts off with some of the familiar moves but, halfway through, suddenly lurches to the side and ducks behind you? the reader finds themselves becoming the prey with this unexpected twist.

The tales in this collection will not only entertain but will keep you guessing. This work certainly isn't recommended for the prudish or the feint of heart, as Brewer never shields you from the impact of horrors she documents so well. From the supernatural to the psychological, from personal terrors to societal nightmares, Beyond Damnation runs the gamut of dark fiction without breaking a sweat. Fans of traditional horror who are looking for rising voices in the scene should seek this book out.

John Lawson, The Dream People, Raw Dog Screaming Press

Beyond Damnation (Excerpt)