April 2020Free RideRonald K. MyersLooking like a white-headed weasel, hunched over the steering wheel of a 1950 red Mercury, socially incompetent Fast Eddie impatiently waits. Escaping from horror-filled corridors of frustration and despair, Breed lifts a hand in farewell and slides in. Eager for what is about to happen, his bright-faced friends pile in. Doors bam shut. Tires roll. Sparkling spinner-hubcaps whirl into the magic of a starlit night. To make a dream come true, the strangely assorted set of young men are on their way. April 2020Almost FreeRonald K. MyersIn Almost Free is what some veterans were and what some were not. The Army Security Agencyís highly-classified practice of compartmentalizing people, based on a need to know, keeps operations essential to national security secure, and it makes it impossible for any one person to know or write the whole truth about Freddy Craneís dangerous detour. After all, he wasnít there.

In Vietnam a five hundred dollar bounty had been placed on any ASA member captured.
January 2020OneMae ArgilanDonít let Ďem fool you. Christians donít have all the answers.

A good friend at just the right time can make all the difference in a life struggling to find purpose. PJís inquisitive mind is always searching out the mysteries of the universe. The one thing science has been unable to explain, though, is why Nova Sutton has been such a good friend to her. Is it possible that the most powerful force in heaven and on earth is a simple act of kindness?
January 2019FlotsyPeggy HoganFlotsy is cursed.

Dark, violent visions assault her dreams, visions that foresee the future. For a young girl in a small fishing village this is taboo. At seventeen, she boards a bus to somewhere no one knows of her and her curse. The city is at once alarming and exciting, and her visions are quiescent for a time. All too soon, they erupt again, and she is driven from place to place craving that short respite when she first arrives.

At last she finds a modicum of peace in the Arizona desert, but her fragile tranquility is shattered by the sudden appearance of Joe, also cursed: he must do whatever the voice in his head demands, and it now demands that he join forces with Flotsy. They must thwart a powerful, psychotic man from stealing the water of a vital aquifer. Abruptly, Flotsy is shattered by a vision. An entity immobilizes her with its intensity and extreme need to make itself understood. Worse, its plea is intertwined with Joeís absurd demand.

Flotsy sees things she canít control; Joe does things he canít control. What could they possibly do together?
November 2018Behold, He SaidTom FlynnTo unravel a puzzle that imperils civilization, the Galaxyís only self-aware computer and its enigmatic human handler must be enticed to abandon their prison planet. Only Computer (yes, thatís its name) can solve the puzzle: Why did all humans in the Galaxy, in one searing moment, get back all their missing socks?

Speaking of prisons, on the hell-world Bohrkk a mysterious energy spike destroys a sprawling punitorium. The only survivors: Mormon trideevangelist Alrue Latier, his plural wives, and a reluctant documentarian. To survive, they must con the native tribespeople they encounter on a breathtaking scale. (Latier doesnít mind.)

The missing-socks mystery opens the path toward unimaginably larger mysteries, touching even the domain of lint theory. As this tour de farce concludes, will the reclusive Computer and Alrue Latier, now a self-made dictator, recognize that they need each other Ö before a mushrooming cult inspired by twentieth-century priest-philosopher Teilhard de Chardin overwhelms their gimcrack scheme to save the Galaxy?
November 2018Nothing SacredTom FlynnThis sequel to Flynnís acclaimed Messiah Games continues in a future civilization thatís obsessed with religion, yet furious at Terra (Earth) for giving rise to the most popular creeds of all.

Terra may be the planet where humanity originated, but sophisticated Galactics treat it like a dismal step-child. ďOn the planet where humanity rose,Ē a popular saying goes, ďit hasnít risen far.Ē

Few Terrans seek their fortunes among the stars. Those who try face patronizing discrimination. Into this Galactic crucible leaps Earth-boy Gram Enoda alongside an impossibly intelligent vibrionic sidekick: his secret weapon and the bane of his existence. Enoda just wants to get rich. Instead he stumbles into a top-secret, half-baked plan to (yes, literally) save the Galaxy. Along the way he must confront a crackpot Mormon trideevangelist and a seductive preacher of nihilism.

Like Messiah Games, Nothing Sacred brims with complex plotting, searing black humor, colorful characters, and penetrating examination of religious and philosophical issuesóall woven into a canít-put-it-down techno-thriller.

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November 2018

The second part of this epic duology! A critical blow has been dealt to the robotic Army of the Old, but at a great price. Broken and weary, best friends Johan and Aryu have been separated while chasing forces from the distant past that they both fear.

Aryu, the man with wings, pursues the enemy while he slowly slips into the enticing magic and mystery of the Power, led by the great phoenix Nixon Ash.

Johan stands on the steps of Bankoor, a futuristic city full of wonder and mistrust. Here he must make his stand to avenge his destroyed home and find his friend.

As the gap between the brave warriors closes, the worlds of technology and magic will clash!

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November 2018

In the Stone Age Arctic, Osnat, a brilliant, pregnant, quantum scientist knows where she is but she doesnít know when. A mysterious technology has exiled her and her people across time to a frigid wasteland above the northern radiation belts. She and her husband Simon search for food, warmth, for any kind of help. They find instead a band of indigenous Tunniq who attack, rather than assist. Though she craves vengeance, Osnat realizes that the murderous savages are the help her people need to survive. The conflict between need and ideals tears at her as she learns their ways. Must Osnat become a brutal savage in order to save her people?

Quantum Cannibals weaves a series of intersecting stories that span time, from Bronze Age Mesopotamia to a Post-Modern city-state. Itís the epic story of three incarnations of two people- alternately son and mother, husband and wife, father and daughter, savage and scholar, who simply want to return to the home they were brutally evicted from. Quantum Cannibals brings together authentic cultures and history from the far reaches of the world, from the far reaches of time.

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