A Listing of Supernatural/Horror Titles

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3 Down
Do you know how to hide a dead body? Heidi Artz is a recent divorcee nearing her 30th birthday. After buying a condo with the help of her best friend, Jane, Heidi throws a housewarming party. She’s got her eye on Jane’s sexy assistant and invites him with hopes of landing a date. The part  ...[Read More]
A Detective
...Harrogate, North Yorkshire, a locked room mystery that remained unsolved for twenty years ... Hollywood, a private detective with a difference ends up with more than he bargained for ... London: witness a ghost still seeking revenge for a crime committed nearly two hundred years ago ... Brest, Br  ...[Read More]
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Angels, Ashes and Alchemy
In this collection: Angels, Ashes and Alchemy you will meet pivotal players in this eternal struggle of good against evil, the war between Heaven and Hell and the hapless humans caught in the middle. Some souls are champions of the light, some are not so holy, while still others fall somewhere in be  ...[Read More]
Middle-aged teenager and rough diamond Steve Turner plays part-time rock and roll and dreams of the success that he knows has passed him by. He has found love at last, so perhaps it is time to give up. Then a scrap of yellowing paper covered in handwritten guitar chords comes into his possession a  ...[Read More]
Beyond Bizarre
Get ready for a very weird ride with these ten stories. Each is designed to chill your spine as you wander the border land between fact and fiction, reality and imagination, reason and insanity. Aliens, vampires, ghouls, ghosts, zombies and unbalanced lunatics all await you within these pages. A ter  ...[Read More]
Beyond Damnation
 In her first collection, Wendy Brewer takes you on a fast-paced journey through the dark and twisted channels of her mind with 15 tales of fear, insanity, lust, obsession and nail-biting terr  ...[Read More]
Beyond the Twilight
Rest In Peace... ...Like Hell Death came without warning for college student Michael Fullerton, but death wasn?t the end.   ...[Read More]
Eight years after "Full Wolf Moon." Max and David are now werewolf hunters about to encounter a "super-beast," the likes of which they’ve never seen before.   ...[Read More]
Blood of the Templar
Josephine Mowbray flees the butchering of her family at the hand of the Isma’ilites and stumbles into the protecting arms of the Knights Templar. But the Templar are not what they seem, and their mystery will lead Josephine on a journey that changes the very blood in her veins and condemns her to   ...[Read More]
Bloodlines: Legacies of Madness
One by one they walk to the podium to tell their story. Family members whose relatives became infamous for crimes of unspeakable violence and unbridled insanity. They unweave their tales to an auditorium filled with young medical students tasked with writing extensive essays on the criminally insane  ...[Read More]
Bone Song
Justin Hyde studies the past. It’s a manufactured past, and Justin is one of the few who realizes it. It’s his job to discover...what isn’t there.   ...[Read More]
Box 3014
Trevor Adams is a man being pursued by the past. Once a successful attorney, he abruptly walked away from it all to establish his own antique business - wheeling and dealing - in the past. Amidst his change in life direction, an odd affliction, previously dormant, has resurfaced, challenging his abi  ...[Read More]
Brides Of Dracula
You’ve read Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. Now see how Dracula assembled the most powerful and famous members of his entourage. As part of THE LEGEND OF DRACULA trilogy, this book contains thirteen short stories about the infamous Count and his seductive children of the Night. Vampires are sc  ...[Read More]
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