A Listing of Self Help Titles

The complete works of Betty Bain, interspersed with sweet recipes so loaded with calories you’ll feel like you should be sent to jail for eating them!  ...[Read More]
From Hollywood Experts and Published Authors
This book opens with copyright information from Lincoln D. Bandlow, an attorney specializing in intellectual property law in Century City and the out-going President of the Los Angeles Copyright Society. The remaining pages include a treasure trove of information from: a personal manager for Hollywo  ...[Read More]
Knock Them Dead Job Interview Strategies
The process of finding and getting the right job is old -- a concoction of some higher power to make most stable and confident people feel nervous, anxious, overwrought, tense, and generally self-conscious at a very important time when they need all their faculties! This book will help y  ...[Read More]
Knock Them Dead Resumes
From the author of "Knock Them Dead Job Interview Strategies"  ...[Read More]
Never Give Up - Living Well Despite MS
Join Stephen Baron as he shares his true story involving 20 years battling this mysterious disease, and how he made the impossible possible when challenged by both the psychological and physical obstacles corrected with a chronic ailment.  ...[Read More]
The Cup and the Bucket
No time to find your guide in a mountain cave in Tibet? You?ve come to the right place. Demystify yourself. The Cup and the Bucket is a book about karma, the soul, reincarnation, the Tarot and pizza. A practical guide to living a new age life in a young soul world...  ...[Read More]
The Most Important Conversation
Finally, there is a book that tells you how to handle the toughest problem in our organizations, homes and sports today - how to talk to someone when you are irritated, angry or hurt. Did you know when you are upset you disconnect from that part of the brain where you effectively solve problems? You  ...[Read More]
The Muse on Writing
What elements are essential when building a fictional world? Do your characters need more dimension? Is your plot going no where? Do you want to write like a Pro even though you are just beginning? Are you a published writer looking for dynamic insights into the art and craft of writing? You wil  ...[Read More]
The Musings of Four Muses
The annual convention of the Fable, Fiction and Fantasy Muses has started in Atlantis... And this year there are going to be a few changes! The Musing of Four Muses is a cautionary tale for writers who ignore their gifts.  ...[Read More]
Through the Eyes of Angel Leigh
SARA DULANEY PUGH is a young Christian woman who has been seeing and speaking to the dead since she was three-years-old. As she grew older, Sara’s difference frightened her, making her think she was a “devil child.” But God se  ...[Read More]
Tinsel Wilderness
EBook Format True stories from John Klawitter, Hollywood writer-producer-director. Whether you’re pitching some famous old witch doctor who owns a big animation production company, or sending a query letter to a 25-year-old cannibal prince who lucked into being the head o  ...[Read More]
Without a Fear of Words
Lazette Gifford, Managing Editor of Vision: A Resource for Writers (http://lazette.net/vision) and the owner/site administrator of Forward Motion for Writers (http://fmwriters.com ), presents a collection of essays on the philosophy and act of writing. The collection of short essays covers everythin  ...[Read More]
You Don’t Need to Buy This Book
  ...[Read More]
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