A Listing of Paranormal Titles

A Hidden Puzzle
A young girl deals with an introverted father, the reality of her mother’s terminal illness, her own insecurities, and a boyfriend who may not be who he seems.  ...[Read More]
A Pirate’s Life
Vampire Adrian seeks redemption for his past sins by helping the police hunt a mysterious band of modern day pirates operating on the Great Lakes. Teamed with the beautiful and feisty detective, Kiana Douglas, he finds himself unexpectedly falling in love, while battling a figure from his past be  ...[Read More]
Bleeding Sun
A young woman wakes up in a strange bed. Her clothes are in shreds, the sheets drenched with blood. Her last memory is of a brutal attack in a deserted subway station. Fighting to stay conscious, she gingerly probes her neck to find two puncture marks. She is held captive in an underground vault   ...[Read More]
Dante's Mirror
Straight-laced tax attorney Melissa Siren conceals a dark side. She yearns for a dominant man to force her to submit to his will. She enjoys a torrid love affair with young Aaron Devin, a blue-collar man ten years her junior. She finds in Aaron the perfect lover, exciting and dangerous, but never ex  ...[Read More]
Dark Desire
The year is 1795: Kirsten’s father is anxious to marry off the last of his seven daughters. The man he wants her to marry has everything: he’s handsome, wealthy, influential. But rumors surround Valdemar, the prospective bridegroom. Servants whisper he is cursed. Local folklore tells of a string  ...[Read More]
Dark Passion
Augustus Noble is a man with secrets. His entire life has been built on half-truths, betrayals and lies—desperate measures to keep the woman he loves, Eleanor Trevilian-Noble, as his own. The patriarch of the Brethren, he has struggled for centuries to create an empire of wealth and prestige for her  ...[Read More]
Death Takes a Holiday
Rianna Papoulias’ life changes when she comes face to face with the specter Death. At first, she thinks that she’s having a hallucination, but she soon realizes that Death is very much alive, standing over six feet tall, blonde and devilishly handsome. Thantos (a soul reaper) and Calypso (an angel o  ...[Read More]
Devlin’s Hollow
Inspired by a true story.     Is there life after death? It’s a question best-selling horror novelist Jack Devlin is desperately trying to answer since his wife’s suicide. His personal life has crumbled, while his career and sanity aren’t far behind as his nights are spent combing through  ...[Read More]
The god of love has been unleashed.and he craves a brilliant woman.   ...[Read More]
Lilith's Daughter
Iltani longs to help her goddess mother as much as she can. After all, it is her duty as a succubus and daughter of Lilith. But she has one shortcoming: she can’t come with a man unless she gets herself off. It’s been that way for millennia, and nothing is about to change now. Then she meets Jus  ...[Read More]
Margaret’s Diary
Kevin, an aspiring author who works as a mover of furniture, finds the diary of Margaret, a widow who died at age ninety with no surviving family. On seeing Margaret’s youthful-appearing ghost, Kevin manages to quell his fear when he realizes that the sexy apparition means him no harm. He quickly di  ...[Read More]
Weresnake Lash searches for revenge on the demon Hex, whose treachery years ago lead to the death of Lash's best friend and former employer, the vampire Abraham Hamilton. With the help of old friends like Dieter, Devlin, and Shaker, and new friends Morwen, Outlaw, and Mather, Lash goes up against a   ...[Read More]
Sinners’ Opera
Morgan D’Arcy is a classical pianist, an English lord and a vampire. He has everything except what he desires most—Isabeau. When she was a child, he appeared to her as the Angel Gabriel, influencing her life and career choice, preparing her to become Lady D’Arcy. Many forces oppose Morgan’s darin  ...[Read More]
The Damnation of Antoinette dAcier
Dave Morgan's marriage is kaput, his emotions are in shambles, and he's seriously looking at suicide as the most attractive way out of his pain when the company's newest engineer is introduced to him. Toni Steele is young, pretty, intelligent and magnetically sensual. Her dark, mysterious eyes draw   ...[Read More]
Twisted Tails VIII
  ...[Read More]
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