A Listing of Inspirational Titles

A Safe Love
Bethany has hightailed it from the Big Apple to Aussieland where she basks in the breathtaking scenery and relishes her newfound baking success…and all the new bickies (Aussie dollars) she’s earning. If only she could whip up a recipe that helps her learn to trust men…at a time when she could use i  ...[Read More]
Never Give Up - Living Well Despite MS
Join Stephen Baron as he shares his true story involving 20 years battling this mysterious disease, and how he made the impossible possible when challenged by both the psychological and physical obstacles corrected with a chronic ailment.  ...[Read More]
Tall Man in the Hat
Daniel has been trained by the Roman Church to rescue those who have sold their souls to the Prince of Darkness. God often intervenes and offers a final opportunity for repentance as long as it happens before the man in the tall hat arrives for his payment. After forty years of service as a Redee  ...[Read More]
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