A Listing of First People (NAmerica) Titles

BIRTHRIGHT is the powerful story of a traditional American family driven ever westward by changing climates and economic conditions until they finally are faced with the loss of their farm and, more importantly, the loss of the way of life they had followed for countless generations. All this comes   ...[Read More]
[Sequel to Birthright] COVENANT continues the story of Harry and Judith as they struggle to start over on a long-abandoned farm on the banks of the San Poil River on the Colville Indian reservation. This beautiful Valley of the Cliffs is the ancestral home of Judith's people. The family must live in  ...[Read More]
Stepping Stones
  ...[Read More]
The Speaker
She’s a native wonder worker. He’s white man fascinated with the histories and migrations of the First Nations. She can speak to animals. He can….not be touched by magic at all. Which is a good thing. Because an arrogant young mage with too much power for anybody’s good has just leveled his sights o  ...[Read More]
The Wampum Keeper
The Wampum Keeper is an historical novel set in 1651 in the Niagara region of present-day Ontario and New York State. It chronicles the fortunes of a Chonnonton wampum keeper and his family when an Iroquois League army attacks their town. The French Jesuits' ill-fated mission to the Hurons is a cent  ...[Read More]
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