Virginia Young

Virginia Young is the author of four romance novels and two romantic suspense novels. Her short stories have been published by Level Best Books’ anthologies, Thin Ice and Blood Moon, published by Crime Writers of New England.

Virginia has won honorable mention for a short story by Writer’s Digest Magazine and has been published in several literary journals. She has written for the South Shore News and contributed feature articles to The Patriot Ledger newspaper. Also a painter of primitive art and a sculptor, Virginia makes her home in Massachusetts and writes a weekly blog on everything New England, A day-trip enthusiast, Virginia enjoys informing others of the wonders waiting for them in every corner of the six states she most loves.

Writing Nocturnal was not a thought she had, it was a demand. Driving home from a movie late one night, the entire concept for the story came to her, begging to be written. She tried to ignore it – she didn’t care much for owls. It wouldn’t go away, and through the writing, she came to feel a new respect and love for owls. Her objection of them came from the fact that they are predators to the small creatures she loves. She still loves the small creatures, but she now also loves owls who she wishes could get their protein from peanut butter.

Titles Available from Virginia Young

Avianna Wells walks in her sleep. Most nights, she, finds herself out in the dark at the edge of the woods, sitting on a curved branch of a Crissmere tree. Avianna wakes to find herself being watched by a Barred owl, Why-Lee, with whom she communicates. She speaks, he transfers his thoughts to her – they are friends.
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