Victoria Winters

Victoria Winters grew up in and around the Western Washington coast. Although she has traveled quite a bit in her lifetime, she has always returned to the Pacific Northwest that she loves. It is natural for her to use this magnificent wilderness as the setting for her writings.

Now in her sixties, Victoria possesses an understanding of the human condition and has explored many different scenarios herself. Her sensual writing reflects the drama surrounding people’s lives and the romance surrounding those who are in love. She also understands the basic instincts that play a part in the decisions people make concerning their love partners. In her stories, she depicts the courage and the sensual side of ordinary people who do what they consider to be socially acceptable, and yet prove willing to go beyond conventional means to satisfy their own desires.

Victoria has been single much of her adult life, and has experienced romance, love and lust in almost every form. This experience makes her writing both believable and entertaining, while bringing the reader to heights of delight with her explicit sexual descriptions. She believes life to be a drama that encompasses all of the emotions a person can feel, and tries to portray that in what she writes.

Titles Available from Victoria Winters

This novel spins a tale of good-hearted people who are unconventional in their desires. Sarah, a young woman who no longer considers herself marriage-material finds lust, romance and love when she least expects it – first from a female friend and then from a new employee. Martin, an older man who cares deeply about her, helps her along the way to eventual happiness by arranging for an outing with a man to whom she is attracted. Martin, who does not wish to lose either Monica, his long-time love partner, or Sarah, to whom he is deeply attracted, finds a way to solve both his own dilemma and Sarah’s.
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