Thomas Thornton Jr.

Thomas Thornton Jr. has been writing since he could hold a crayon. Fortunately for him and his readers, none of those squiggly lined notepaper books survived the ‘80s. While influenced by the works of Stephen King, Ayn Rand, and Stan Lee, he takes pride in finding new paths through the dark forests of fantasy.

Over the decades he has refined his skill by creating new worlds filled with the heroic and grotesque, finding that sometimes the two are closely entwined. Although a student of several college level writing classes he learned so much more among like-minded dreamers in the Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas. Without them and the critical eyes of the organization’s critique groups Thomas’s work would still look like Crayola scribbles instead of the award winning stories they have become. Currently he lives in Benton, Arkansas with his wife Amy, two pugs, cat, and aquarium family.

Titles Available from Thomas Thornton Jr.

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