Sylvan N Dorney

Sylvan N Dorney is an Australian author from the Northern beaches of Sydney. He is a Philosophy student with a passion for writing and prides himself on creating unique and thought provoking material which is accessible to a broad range of readers. The Riddle Library; The Book of Symbols was originally published in Australia under the title Enigma Libras; The book of Symbols. It has since been revamped for today’s audience.

Besides his writing, Sylvan has also appeared as a contestant on the television show Australian Survivor. This is an example of the lengths he goes to generate new experiences and inspirations with which to invest in his books.

Titles Available from Sylvan N Dorney

Pangaea is a world of dreams and fantasy, where gods are prone to mix with humans, and twisted myths unfold in ever stranger ways as the world struggles to find balance in time and space. When Pangaea is threatened by lord Erebus, fate calls upon a prophecised Earth child, Sherem, to solve the Enigma and set out on his quest to save Pangaea. Aided by a prophetic Book of Symbols and a powerful staff called the Caduceus, Sherem is joined by the twin gods Apollo and Artemis to set off and find the mysterious Lapis.
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