Stephen Gambuti

Before I give you a full detail about my life, I would much rather tell you a bit about the present me. I am currently a middle school science and social studies teacher. I became a teacher after years of being a professional family magician. Not only did performing magic enhance my writing skills but it helped me understand and grow to love children.
I am married with four children who keep me on the edge of my seat every day. One of my favorite things to do in life is watch movies with them and challenge them to an action game on X-Box. I do not know how I was able to live so long without this fantastic video game system.
Through my six year old, I have fallen in love with science fiction and fantasy all over again. Reading stories with him and talking about cool characters had been an inspiration to my writing. However, I must confess, the stories I write are more for my students.
I was never the type to write happy go lucky books for young children. My writing tends to approach real social issues in imaginary worlds. My hope is to get a solid message across in an entertaining way. Now if you want to read more about me before I became a writer just continue reading. If not, that?s okay too. Hopefully you will enjoy my work as much as hundreds of my students have. (And no, I do not threaten to fail them if they do not like the books I write. lol)
I guess it is fair to say that I was always a writer to some degree. When I was in high school I created little movies about vampires and strange things like that. Then I went on to film school in New York City where I learned the craft of screen writing. Since then, I have penned two very small budget movies. Commuting to Manhattan everyday became a bit much so I transferred to a New Jersey State University. There I studied theatre and television.
After college I wrote and produced my own local cable show, which aired for over a year. Then it was off to actually make some real money. So I got a job. Many of them. I tried my hand at stand up comedy only to discover the money was much better performing magic shows for kids. At twenty eight I married a fantastic woman and had a family.
After years of silence, I found I needed to express myself again. Being unable to work on movies or videos, I decided to write young adult novels. I found that my kids and students loved the stories. So I continued to pursue my new dream. Now I am proud to call myself a published author. I think after all my moving around in life, writing suits me. 


Titles Available from Stephen Gambuti

    Get ready to experience the adventures of two brothers, Armulen and Doran as they fight off the ruthless invasion of the grotesque Gorg aliens.
The Sapien people live on the dying planet of Venus. Their need to escape to a new world where they can continue to exist leads them to the third rock from the Sun, Earth.
The Sapiens needed to flee Venus? dwindling atmosphere. Their form of government was known as the Parliamentary Council. The Council created the Enforcement with one goal in mind. Take over, control the Earth, and colonize it for the Sapien population. With the Sapien’s continued expansion, we open our story. Captain Troupe was always a mystery to his son, Jonas. The young man was lucky if he spent more than a year with his father in total. The night of his father’s return would be the last time Jonas ever saw his father again. Jonas set off on an adventure, which unraveled his father’s hidden past.

Four rotations passed since the battle exposing the village of Strom. The Alliance had been up rooted and forced to move by the heavy hand of the Parliamentary Council. Their very existence depended on their ability to escape find a destination known as Pangea Pon.

New Strom is growing into a successful settlement where Sapiens, Crows and half-breeds exemplify a model community. Only one element remains in order to solidify New Stroms existence, an ultimate weapon powerful enough to deter its enemies in the Parliamentary Council.

Jonas Troupe, lorde of the Alliance, will do whatever is necessary to protect New Strom and his late grandfather’s vision. His mission is to return to the Sapien controlled moon of Jenco and steal its super weapon of mass destruction. Even if it means taking the life of his cousin Carlen, moon lorde of Jenco.

This will be the final struggle between the Parliamentary Council and the Alliance for the total domination of Earth. This will be the darkest of Earth’s wars past or future.

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