Staci Layne Wilson

Staci Layne Wilson got her first set of tarot cards (the Aquarius Deck) when she was 10, and she discovered Led Zeppelin about a year later -- from there on in, there was no stopping the rock n roll fantasies! She is the author of two published works of fiction (Horrors of the Holy, and The Dance) and one nonfiction horse training book (The Horse's Choice). When she is not writing, Staci spends her time caring for her mini-zoo of four-legged critters and watching movies for fun (she's seen The Song Remains The Same over 200 times) and profit (she works as a film critic and entertainment reporter), and of course, listening to classic rock. Find out more by visiting her home on the web:

Titles Available from Staci Layne Wilson

Femmes de la Brume . . . Women of the Mist . . .
Will introduce you to the women of speculative fiction and characters that will forever reside within your memory as well as the Mist. These tales are born from the imaginations of beautiful mystical women. Separately, they shine, command attention? but together, they have become the Mist, inhabiting your dreams . . . or perhaps your nightmares.

BONUS: Included within the paperback is an introduction by Tamara Thorne.

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