Seth Chambers

Seth Chambers was born with a Pentel Rolling Writer in hand and has been pathologically addicted to writing ever since. In his quest for life experience, he has worked as an army medic, mental health counselor, farm hand, wilderness guide, bike messenger and ESL teacher. He is the founder of an innovative group of wordsmiths known as The Edgy Writers Workshop. His work has appeared in F&SF, Fantasy Scroll, Isotropic Fiction, and Perihelion SF.

Titles Available from Seth Chambers

She is every man's fantasy, but all things come with a price.

When the sexiest, most mysterious woman in the world takes you as a lover . . be warned that this good fortune comes at a devastating cost.

Song Shia warned Alex right from the beginning that he should run like hell, but he didn't listen, and neither of them had any idea where things would lead.

The only thing he knew for sure was that Song was a wild one, and that he would never attempt to tame her.
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