Raphael Marin

Raphael Marin lives in Trinidad and Tobago (in the south Caribbean, land of calypso, steelpan and carnival) with his wife and dog about fifteen miles outside the capital city of Port of Spain. A Time of Destinies is his first publication.


He is currently working on the second book in the fantasy trilogy - The Sea of Tarista, coming out in 2005.


Visit his website for inside information about the Destinies trilogy. Includes a map of the Wembli River region.




Contact Raphael Marin at raphaelmarintt@hotmail.com

Titles Available from Raphael Marin

A Time of Destinies - Elgard
[The First Book in the Destinies Trilogy]

It is a time of destiny in the lands around the Vall'nar Sea. The old gods, long abandoned and forgotten, are awakened, and seek to settle old scores and draw the tribes of mankind into a bloody death struggle. 


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