Rachel DeFriez

Born and raised in California, Rachel DeFriez wandered about Europe a bit before graduating Summa Cum Laude from B.Y.U. where she studied French and English. She taught both subjects in high school until she and her husband, Curt, took up the extreme sport of raising four children. Once her youngest was old enough to watch PBS for an hour or so a day, Rachel sneaked in a few hours to write her first novel, A Shadow of Light. When the kids were all in school, she followed it with a sequel, Out of Annwyn, which she wrote in between teaching French classes in Massachusetts. She has written several articles, two of which appear in the award-winning e-anthology “Inside Scoop.” She’s a very engaging and inspiring speaker in schools and writers’ workshops. Currently, Rachel serves on the board of directors of the Writers’ Guild of Texas and teaches high school French

Titles Available from Rachel DeFriez

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