Peggy Hogan

Peggy has lived in different places, has challenged herself with a variety of careers, and travels to places where she hopes to find something unusual. With a degree in English and a lifelong passion for the written word, it was a simple segue to create fantasy fiction where different, challenging, and unusual is expected at every turn.

She currently lives on Prince Edward Island with her husband and a variety of creatures who are most welcome to her sanctuary.

About writing, Hogan says: “Writing can transport me to a state of Zenlike oneness. It’s like, suddenly and momentarily, everything is right with the world. I become a conduit for the story that the characters must tell. Nothing is better than that.” Visit her at

Titles Available from Peggy Hogan

Flotsy is cursed.

Dark, violent visions assault her dreams, visions that foresee the future. For a young girl in a small fishing village this is taboo. At seventeen, she boards a bus to somewhere no one knows of her and her curse. The city is at once alarming and exciting, and her visions are quiescent for a time. All too soon, they erupt again, and she is driven from place to place craving that short respite when she first arrives.

At last she finds a modicum of peace in the Arizona desert, but her fragile tranquility is shattered by the sudden appearance of Joe, also cursed: he must do whatever the voice in his head demands, and it now demands that he join forces with Flotsy. They must thwart a powerful, psychotic man from stealing the water of a vital aquifer. Abruptly, Flotsy is shattered by a vision. An entity immobilizes her with its intensity and extreme need to make itself understood. Worse, its plea is intertwined with Joe’s absurd demand.

Flotsy sees things she can’t control; Joe does things he can’t control. What could they possibly do together?
Blat (an unfortunate name for a singer) is a young farmer boy recruited by a member of the Minstrels’ Guild. Fourteen years later, he has completed his studies and been a Touring Minstrel ever since. While looking for material to inspire a new song, Blat stumbles upon a heretofore unknown society of people living in the rocky labyrinth beneath Whitecap Island’s central glacier. They can no longer fulfill the task for which they were born and are in danger of becoming extinct. Worse, they are being drained of their lifeforce by the illusive and sinister Brothers of the Watch.

He recruits Crag Bithoone, a brilliant but unstable scientist, and two children whose parents have been captured by the Brothers. Fueled by a need he barely acknowledges - to prove himself to the woman he loves - Blat must overcome mind-torture, bodiless travelling, a stronghold of Brothers, and their leader who has become truly unhinged.

It seems a lot to take on… for a song.
In Milo’s Burden, A wooden carving is brought to life by the ancient and forgotten Lifefire. But the new-born woman, Malissa, has a terrible flaw: her only emotion is rage. It feeds the power that surges through her and will not let her rest until she holds the entire world in a vicious death grip. The crew of the Pride and the inhabitants of mythical Uamh struggle to thwart her plans. In a bloody battle, Captain Oprum is taken prisoner and all else is put aside to rescue him.

Milo, the young boy who animated Malissa, has inadvertently upset the forces of Lifefire and sundered its delicate balance. With his sister and her friend, and an old man and his mangy dog, he must travel deep within the mountains to discover the secrets of Lifefire before rage rules the world.
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