Nina M. Osier

Nina M. Osier (pronounced ?9-UH?) was born with a sun tan in Camden, Maine, toward the end of the post-World War II baby boom. Her parents, a commercial fisherman and a reading teacher, taught her to love books, the English language, and the Maine coast.

After graduating from New Hampshire College (now Southern New Hampshire University) and working for several years as a high school teacher, accountant, theology student, and business manager, Nina found her niche preserving future history as Director of Records Management Services at the Maine State Archives. She especially enjoys using ideas suggested by her "day job" while writing her science fiction tales, and loves to explain that day job's purpose with these words: "I make sure everything that should be in the Starship Enterprise's library computer will survive long enough to get there."

Nina's first novel, Exile's End, was published by eBook pioneer Electra-Light Books in 1997. Her subsequent publications include biography, historical romance, literary fiction, nonfiction, and (of course!) more speculative fiction. She lives on a country road in Sidney, Maine, where she writes, gardens, and wishes humans didn?t have to waste time sleeping.

Titles Available from Nina M. Osier

Nineteen years ago, Executive Officer Joy Grant of the Rough Rider became the first human to set foot on Zorti. Captain Kirk Rogers bent regulations (not a new thing for that only son of a wealthy and privileged family!) by taking his ship uninvited into a system that was already inhabited, and by making contact on his own authority. He broke another rule when he accepted the local Elders? invitation and went down to the surface to meet with them himself, recalling his exec to the ship after she had established communication with the telepathic Zortians. Rogers continued doing things his own way when the Elders asked that he spend the night among them ? and after that night, his officers never saw him again.
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