Marc Watson

Marc Watson is a Calgary-based author of Sci Fi/Fantasy. He has been writing for twenty years, and has published a number of short stories, instructional articles, and comedic pieces for a variety of websites. He has an education in fiction writing from Athabasca University, and is the head environmental story writer for Toronto-based gaming Hardmode Games.

Titles Available from Marc Watson

Catching Hell is the first part of a sci-fi/fantasy epic about two friends separated on their quest to avenge their destroyed home. Aryu, who has wings, and Johan have their home destroyed by a mechanical army thought extinct. Now separated, Aryu learns that he must also deal with Nixon Ash, a phoenix-man sworn to kill owners of the Shi Kaze, a weapon Aryu recently found. Meanwhile Johan and his tactical mind adventure to a distant, advanced city to find a way to defeat their enemy and reunite with his best friend.

One goes into the world of the fantastic and mystical, while the other goes to the technological. Each are worlds they were raised to fear, but now must face to defeat their common enemy.
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