Lee B. Woods

A University of Miami journalism graduate, Lee has published articles and essays in SAIL, Caribbean Travel and Life, Defense and Foreign Affairs, Cruising World, Caribbean Sports & Travel, Military Technology, Brevard Business News, Signal Magazine, the Miami Herald, Journal of the Society for Technical Communication, and the Journal of the American Sailing Association. His most recent article, The Trouble Not Being With the Sea, appears in the October, 2014, Ezine issue of www.caribbeancompass.com, pg. 38, the same Ezine that published his prose sketch, Someone to Watch Over Her, a reflective piece on the fate of an abandoned classic yacht.

Lee has traveled extensively, both as an expat in Germany, writing features and human interest for an English-language weekly in Frankfurt, then again as a sailing/cruising instructor for Trade Wind Yachts in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, British West Indies. In 1992, he persuaded the Tall Ship Training Organization in Newport, RI, to let him join the crew of the Spirit of Massachusetts (134-foot, topsail schooner) during the 500-years of Columbus tall ship rally in Old San Juan harbor. During recent years, Lee completed online graduate courses in virtual teaching at Boston University Graduate School in Public Communications; the M.I.T. summer program in technical writing, plus additional online teaching courses at Florida State University and University of Central Florida graduate schools.

Titles Available from Lee B. Woods

On a Caribbean island, a career criminal is confident he has dodged a cold case murder charge until a spiritual force from the distant past compels him to pay the ultimate price.
Boston businessman Lewis Lowellen just wanted to buy something for his wife, Georgia, something to help send them off on a long-awaited retirement aboard their million dollar sailboat: Destination, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Needing a professional to help sail the yacht, Lewis hires a charter skipper and his girlfriend to share duties during the 1500-mile trip down the Atlantic. While waiting for Georgia to say her goodbyes, Lewis strolls into a pawn shop and pays $65 for a strange document simply because he thinks Georgia will like its “old world charm.” What he doesn’t know is that the document is an original Magna Carta—valued at $21 million—and then stolen from the U.S. National Archives by a sociopath and a silent-alarm wizard, neither of whom can figure out how the Boston man ended up with the manuscript. Life aboard the sailboat is fun for a while, but when the thieves look to their employer in Bermuda to help them find the boat, life becomes a rough and not-so-ready pursuit that ends on a dark night in a Caribbean airport.
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