K.L. Nappier is an award winning author who has been writing for over 20 years. Regardless of how light or dark her plots may be (though she confesses they’re usually dark), she’s exploring how the human experience can lift us up, give us hope, teach us how.
“After my stepsons Matthew and Nicholas flew the nest, my husband Richard and I left Indianapolis, Indiana, for a four year sabbatical. We bought a sailing sloop and collected terrific friends, wonderful memories and great book material as we toured parts of the Caribbean. We’re now permanently settled in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, where I’ve set up my computer and haven’t stopped writing since.”
Kathy writes in multiple genres. Her supernatural thriller, Full Wolf Moon, placed in the Draco Awards’ Final Three in the Horror Division, placed in the Kay Snow Awards and was a finalist in the New Century Awards, along with another of her novels. She is a contributing author to The Twisted Tails Anthology and her latest release, Voyagers, is a paranormal mystery/adventure. Presently, Kathy is working on Full Wolf Moon’s sequel, Bitten. All her titles are available in both trade paperback (exclusively through DDP) and ebook (in wide distribution).
Her work has been reviewed by the Gothic Journal as “stunning” and “fresh”, with suspense that “is razor sharp.” The Eternal Night Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Web Site calls Voyagers “original and totally addictive.” Scribes World calls Full Wolf Moon “amazing.” A complete list of all online reviews of her novels -the positive, the negative and the curious- can be found at www.klnappier.com.
Kathy is a founding member of the Indiana Writers Workshop and a member of the Tampa Writers Alliance. You can email Kathy at klnappierddp@yahoo.com, visit her website www.klnappier.com or message her at DDP’S Meet The Authors Yahoo board at http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/DoubleDragonPublishing_MeetTheAuthors/
Read and comment on her entries at DDP’s authors’ blog, Children of the Dragon at http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/dragonchild/.

Titles Available from K.L. Nappier

Writing short stories is not easy. The reason it isn't easy is because they are short. The writer is still charged with producing living characters who have personalities: good, bad, or milksop. Add to that a dynamic narrative that gives you, the reader, an opportunity to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste what the folks who inhabit those little stories do, and the authors have a demanding job on their hands. Short stories are a great deal more than sitting on an old apple crate and hammering away at the QWERTY.    
Does time exist as a separate dimension? Does it have a unique place with definable limits in space? Does it move independently according to its own purpose? Or does it only move when other things move, completely dependent on prevailing conditions and binding dimensions in its surrounding space-a causal result bound to the whole? Perhaps it’s just a simpleminded construct humans have concocted to explain the inexplicable. Is it vaguely possible that it’s a set of branes slightly out of sync and we may pass from one to the next at will? Maybe it’s a simple kink in dimensions that can be crossed by anyone walking in precisely the right direction. It could be that it’s just a mental state altered simply by a minor amount of imagination applied correctly. Perhaps it is no more than a drug- or mantra-induced change of mental state-something hallucinated-something seen but unseeable. Or is there more to it than we can fathom? In the world of physics, all of this-and much more-is being looked into by serious, conservative scientists as well as those with their mental equipment more loosely adjusted-or even unfastened completely, their brains rolling about like marbles in an empty railroad freight car.
In this book, Twisted Tails III, we are dredging up fear and wallowing in it as if it were something to be played with, cuddled and fingers lovingly run through its fur like a cherished pet. What we’re doing here is tinkering with terror of the primal kind. You know what I mean, the sort of fright that lies coiled and ready to spring from the dark corners of the mind with no warning. It awaits all, lurking in the deeper shadows of consciousness. No one is immune and, frequently, there is no cure, you just sink into its roiling depths and are no more. If you do manage to escape, life will no longer be what it was before and you will find yourself glancing nervously over your shoulder whenever you hear something strange in the darkness or see a shadow move in the night…or day. Enjoy….
TWISTED TAILS IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy is overflowing with some of the strangest fantasies you’re likely to find on-or off this planet. So, watch yourself...there be dragons here. And vampires. And sorcerers bearing all sorts of mischief. Beasts, goblins and ghouls aplenty. And things that poke with sharpened sticks at the unprepared mind. They crouch in the recesses, ready to spring at the slightest provocation or opportunity. The sort of things that hide in deep shadows and lurk in the darkness of night...or cavort in the full light of day, trundle, creep, crawl and dance their way across the stage of your imagination. Some of the works presented here are fearsome, level five heart-stoppers and others are downright funny. All are twisted. Twisted in the manner that only our convoluted cogitators...our warped, wonderful word-workers can provide.
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