JD Williams

JD Williams started writing fiction in first grade, and he hasn’t stopped. He enjoys exploring characters as much as locales. Adhering to the idea that perspective is everything, he likes to write about protagonists who have things to discover about themselves and the world they live in. He prefers writing science fiction and fantasy, but makes no promises not to try something new anytime in the future. (Uh oh, a double negative...)

JD is also an artist and sometimes draws his characters and other elements to help the writing process.

When not writing… well, apparently JD does a lot of writing, of one kind or another. He has also resisted the siren call of video games (almost) successfully for 25 years (he’s a Halo fan who knows what Marathon was), but his will power is weakening. And he owns every Spider-Man comic from 1966 on. (Yes, even the platinum edition of McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1.)

JD is married, has an adult son and a daughter in college. He is a dog lover, so naturally they have 4-6 cats, depending on how many of the neighborhood strays you count as theirs.

Titles Available from JD Williams

Imagine a simpler level of computer usage. Beyond a crystal-clear monitor and the convenience of a pocket-sized device. Imagine a computer interface that is seemingly always with you, always in front of you. Because the computer interface is in your eyes.
A sudden attack. A mysterious stranger. And deadly secrets.

In this nonstop action thriller, a small team of human workers terraforming a lifeless world is attacked by a ruthless menace. Their only hope for survival is Jon Ranger, a mysterious stranger who arrives at the same time as the threat. Ranger has a history with what is attacking, but he has a secret. And Ranger suspects the workers are hiding something too. Between their cunning adversary and dissension among the workers, trust is at a premium.
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