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The year is 1143, the setting the beautiful Isle of Skye in medieval Scotland. Rhys MacAulaed is a handsome, powerful Gaelic warlord who often travels the countryside disguised as a commoner. During one of his excursions, he meets and falls in love with Gwen, a beautiful peasant maiden. Rhys decides to make Gwen his wife and lady, but he is coerced into entering a politically expedient union. With deep regret, Rhys marries Mahrea – a cold and distant Icelandic princess who, unbeknown to Rhys, has a dark and evil soul.

Gwen is reunited with Rhys when she becomes a nursemaid to his newborn daughter, and their passionate romance is rekindled. Mahrea, well versed in the dark arts, becomes aware of her husband’s relationship with the nursemaid through supernatural channels. She becomes intent on revenge. Her malice takes an unnatural and terrifying form.

Rhys must ultimately face his destiny as he fights the greatest physical and emotional battle of his life, at the summit of his castle’s soaring tower. Based loosely on an old Skye legend, Mistress combines the excitement of an engrossing adventure with a sizzling romance.
Exposure tells the story of Dante Addison, a shy academic, and Giulia, a bold, sexy artist and model. Dante falls in love with Giulia when he is a graduate student, after she asks him to pose as the nude model for her photography class. She breaks his heart, and his unrequited love for her changes his life forever. Twenty years later, Dante, now an English Professor at the same college, sees a woman at an art gallery who reminds him of Giulia, but he doesn't realize that it is actually his lost love. She agrees to meet him later. He recounts his experience involving sexual exposure from twenty years earlier. By the end of a two-night-long bout of storytelling, Giulia reveals to Dante her identity, but only after he pursues her on foot through the historic district of the city. Exposure explores a multitude of emotions, ranging from betrayal and heartache to redemption, passion and desire. The author uses the theme of physical and sexual exposure, in all of its various forms, as a vehicle to explore the fascinating psyches of the protagonists.
In a distant medieval land, a lascivious, evil faerie Princess plots to gain the throne of the human kingdom. Fate decrees that two faerie soul mates must change the destiny of the three kingdoms. Obeying the decree, Ellewyn lies with a mortal king and becomes pregnant with his child. Tragically, Ellewyn dies in childbirth, although her spirit lives on. Her soul mate Merwyn raises her son Talaesyn as his own, and then assists the boy in his quest to unite all three kingdoms under his rule.

In a world where faerie powers are potent but remain disguised in human forms, sexual desires burn hotly. Talaesyn travels with Merwyn to the human kingdom of Aedalon, where they both gather information as invisible witnesses to the uninhibited sexual activities of three separate pivotal women in the court. In so doing, the two faeries learn the shocking truth regarding the nature of the Queen's evil reign.

Will Talaesyn succeed in uniting and then governing the three kingdoms?
The protagonist, a popular novelist, is preparing to travel to Athens to promote his new book, when he finds himself irresistibly drawn to his Greek Internet travel consultant, Cytherea. Despite her "faceless" identity, he falls deeply in love with her, and imagines that she may in fact be his life's own Aphrodite.

When he arrives for his dinner date rendezvous with the mysterious Cytherea, he finds a note from her instead with a request for him to meet her at the Parthenon. When he arrives, it seems clear that she is actually the real Aphrodite--and he may be the reincarnation of her one and only true love, Adonis. He is immediately drawn into a dangerous battle of wits with his ancient nemesis Ares, who is intent on killing Adonis--and winning Aphrodite's love--once and for all. Three unlikely companions--Hermes, Eros and Psyche--befriend Adonis, and help insure that true love will triumph no matter what the odds.
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