David Bean

Born and raised in the arid wheatfield country of Southeastern Washington State, Dave Bean has spent the majority of his life in the Pacific Northwest, living in Washington, Wyoming and Montana. He graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in Economics and is currently employed as an insurance investigator in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana, a few miles south of Missoula.
Dave shares his home in Montana with his wife of twenty years, Marcy, and their daughters Andrea and Laura. It was the allure of the outdoor recreation found in the area that drew him to the mountains he now calls home, and when not working, he is usually writing, golfing on a nearby course, or flyfishing in one of the crystal clear streams scattered throughout the region.

As early as third grade Dave was writing stories, and over the span of many years since that time he has continued to hone his storytelling skills. It is with some fortune that he has found himself in the Missoula region, an area renowned for its population of published authors, while providing him with a vast playground for all he enjoys.

Titles Available from David Bean

A lonely, disgruntled adventurer named Doc Cowles and his associate Stan Samuels encounter a prophetic woman while exploring the Egyptian ruins of Giza. Cowles and Samuels are enthralled by her captivating persona as they follow her through the embattled Middle East, and eventually to the United States. Within days they are joined by four others and as a team they journey across the country, struggling with their troubled pasts and their ominous futures.
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