Dary Buckner

Born in Mt. Vernon, Washington, Daryl Buckner has lived the majority of his life as a professional guitarist and musical instructor. Daryl has performed with a diverse roster of artists which include Toby Keith, Alice Cooper, and Gospel Hall of Fame members The Jordanaires. Venues include a ten-year residency at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas and tours extended to Japan, Europe, and South America. Daryl was a member of the cast of the award-winning “Blast From the Past”.

Currently, Daryl Buckner's focus has been on writing fictional novels, primarily in crime/suspense and science fiction. In addition to “The Tutor” on Moonshine Cove, June 2015 will see the release of a psychological thriller, “Candy From a Stranger”, through Sparkling Books. Daryl has also published the E-books “Old Folks”, a collection of short stories, and “A Snap in Time” on Amazon. Daryl can be viewed at his web www.darylbuckner.com. Daryl Buckner resides in Round Rock, Texas and is currently at work on his tenth novel.

Titles Available from Daryl Buckner

Ona is a visitor from space. A very beautiful, clever visitor from space. Charged with returning to her planet with a common Earth bacteria, she must use her unique ability to appear as anyone to elude the forces determined to capture her.
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