Charles L. Sanders

The author’s background includes two tours as a Navy rescue helicopter pilot, experience as a commercial helicopter pilot in Central and South America, and duty as a San Diego County sheriff’s deputy and sheriff’s sergeant. LOGAN! is his second novel, and the first of a series. Coming soon: THE REDHAWK RESOLUTION!

Titles Available from Charles L. Sanders

This supernatural thriller brings together terror, suspense, guilt, hatred, deception, heroism, and redemption—and the healing power of love.
Ex-homicide sergeant Derek Logan is burned out – on police work, on women, on life. Then he is hired as helicopter pilot / bodyguard for a wealthy family in Panama. Sparks fly when he's forced to work with lovely, but abrasive police investigator Alejandra Valadez to combat a kidnap-for-ransom and drug-trafficking empire controlled by a murderous and sadistic general. Even more deadly for Logan – their conflict takes place in 1989 amid the volatile relations between the U.S. and Panama preceding Operation Just Cause – the U.S. invasion of Panama.
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