Bryan Whitfield

Bryan Whitfield has freelanced for over twenty years. However, up to now, all his published work has been non-fiction op-ed pieces for newspapers and feature articles for magazines on a wide range of subjects, including politics, history, science, fitness and general human interest. He reads a lot, mostly non-fiction, though he admits a weakness for romance fiction by Nicholas Sparks (Dear John, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook).

Never Trust a Man in Uniform grew out of his experiences in the criminal justice system. The characters are based on real people interacting in ways they shouldn’t but haven’t, at least to the author’s knowledge.

Titles Available from Bryan Whitfield

When twenty-one-year old Lindy McClure, a college student who is on probation for marijuana possession, first reports to Brent Lloyd, her thirty-three-year-old probation officer, the attraction is instant and mutual. What begins as a professional relationship soon morphs into a hot romance. Brent tries to keep his new, unprofessional relationship hidden from his agency – an impossible task after Joanne Nelson, his supervisor, sees him and Lindy out on a date. Even as Lindy must handle the problems arising from her problematical romance, the pretty jogger is stalked by Andrew Reynolds, a registered sex offender. Reynolds finally manages to kidnap Lindy. Brent resolves to find and rescue the woman he loves. His decision culminates in a crescendo of violence. Will Brent find Lindy in time? If so, will the lovers then be able to surmount the problems facing them?
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