Bonnie Mercure

Bonnie Mercure lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two children. She has had short stories published in many periodicals and e-zines, including Electric Wine, LC-39, Peridot Books and Challenging Destiny, among others.

She has a children's book "The Old man and the Toads" coming soon to Writer's Exchange E-Publishing and a fantasy novel to be published by Novel Books, Inc, tentative date May 2002.

Titles Available from Bonnie Mercure

Before Little Mary came to The Three-Headed Circus, twenty-one-year old Harvey’s only worries were keeping his deceased father’s circus running and trying to get Tabs, the beautiful wire-walker, to notice him. Then Harvey meets Little Mary, a three-foot woman who impacts his circus in a way he could never imagine. There is more to this novel then meets the eye, I loved it!
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