Angeline Hawkes-Craig

Angeline Hawkes-Craig received her B.A. in Composite English Language Arts in 1991 from East Texas State University where she was a member of Sigma Tau Delta [English Honor Society]. She is a former secondary education teacher [British Literature, English, Journalism, Speech Communications, and Reading]. Angeline resides in Texas and is a member of the Horror Writer’s Association. Her fiction crosses many genres but primarily Angeline writes Horror, Fantasy and Speculative fiction.


Titles currently published by DDP: Momento Mori [Spec Fic collection]; Femmes de La Brume [anthology, story: "Long Live the Queen" advanced to the Preliminary ballot in the 2003 Bram Stoker Awards in the short fiction category]; THE SWAN ROAD [his/fan novel, OOP in print form]

Titles Available from Angeline Hawkes-Craig

Femmes de la Brume . . . Women of the Mist . . .
Will introduce you to the women of speculative fiction and characters that will forever reside within your memory as well as the Mist. These tales are born from the imaginations of beautiful mystical women. Separately, they shine, command attention? but together, they have become the Mist, inhabiting your dreams . . . or perhaps your nightmares.

BONUS: Included within the paperback is an introduction by Tamara Thorne.

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