Andrew J. Kreps

Zandy Kreps is an independent film professional with five years experience in screen writing, television pilots, film production, research, camera and sound and over ten years working in all aspects of the film industry as well as television.

Film and Screenplay credits

Maintenance by any means (full-length film) 2003
Journey through the vapor (film pilot) 1996
Love Handles (television film) 1994
Maintenance by any means (screenplay) 2002
My Uncle Zombie (comedy feature screenplay) 2005
Lots of Luck (speculative script for TV show King of Queens) 2005

Titles Available from Andrew J. Kreps Sr.

Lucifer recalls out loud how he first proposed laws and regulations, and how Tobiah twisted the plan around to his benefit. He remembers with fury the scuffle they had, followed by a truly destructive act as Tobiah smashed a piano that Lucifer had crafted with his own hands, when he first invented music. With that single act, his hatred of Tobiah increased a million-fold. Lucifer ultimately created nightclubs to give the miserable and depressed of the world a chance to comfort themselves with the music Tobiah had tried to destroy.
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