May 2015Idiot SavantPatrick WelchGreg Alamos is almost a private investigator. The difference: all his clients are dead. The spirits contact him through his dreams and hire him to complete a task, avenge them, inform their survivors or whatever. It's not always a pleasant experience. April 2015Hardwired HumanitySarah WagnerThe quest for knowledge drives men and women to do amazing things in the name of science but not all amazing things are good. There are always those who would use technology and scientific breakthrough to rule, to conquer. And there are always those who will fight back. April 2015Box 3014Joseph DiFrancescoTrevor Adams is a man being pursued by the past. Once a successful attorney, he abruptly walked away from it all to establish his own antique business - wheeling and dealing - in the past. Amidst his change in life direction, an odd affliction, previously dormant, has resurfaced, challenging his ability to focus on the here and now. Soon after he finds the perfect old building for his dreams to take root. Or did the building find him? Journals and memoirs uncovered in storage would suggest something has been waiting a long time for Trevor. Set adrift, he is now a man left foundering somewhere between the past and the present. His lover is losing faith in him. His hypnotherapist is mystified by him. Something long asleep has been awakened, and is demanding Trevor's complete attention. Risking everything he believes in, he gives the matter due diligence, praying his sanity will prevail. April 2015The Adventures Of Crazy LiddyClayton J. CallahanThis time the fair maiden must rescue prince charming -- but Liddy will sucker punch anyone who calls her either of those things. April 2015Unholy BargainTravis Hallden HoltAn assassin is at work—one of the best in the trade. His body turned to dust long ago, but his spirit roams the Earth freely, undetectable to the five senses. He stalks his victims waiting for just the right opportunity. Then, in quick succession, he possesses a human host and strikes down his quarry. For a century and a half he has served this way. April 2015I'm Gonna Cut Your Ears OffRonald K. MyersWhere the lure of steel mills and alcohol has replaced God, adolescents struggle to free themselves from, child molesters, gang members, crooked cops, and sickos who use puppies for baseballs.

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April 2015

Mankind has long pondered what the first contact between extraterrestrials and humans might be like. Serious studies have been made, theories proposed, and scientists have weighed in on what they think would be the most likely scenario. What if none of these theories were right?

What if? What if the pilot of a UFO wasn't here to save our environment? What if the pilot wasn't here to save us from ourselves? What if the pilot wasn't here to conquer us? What if the pilot, a beautiful, clever woman, doesn't even want us to know she's here?

Ona, a visitor, is on a mission with a purpose: she needs a bacterium we consider common, but she does needs help. She enlists the help of Jed Mabry, a retired Marine and recluse. Unfortunately, the forces that control this world are out to capture her and she must use her amazing ability to look like anyone to elude capture.

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March 2015

In 2060, Miami’s Police Lieutenant Andrew Barkov arrests an illegal GMO scientist only to discover he is, himself, GMO-engineered. While he faces his mother’s betrayal, an asteroid disrupts the earth’s rotation causing volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis; all of civilization hangs in the balance. Then Andrew uncovers the World Government plot to populate Noah’s House, a survival vehicle for the elite and wealthy, when they “re-start” the earth’s rotation with a nuclear bomb. Can Andrew and his ragtag team of allies, stop nuclear devastation and outrun the GMO soldiers hot on their trail? Plus find a way to save mankind from certain death from the earth’s geophysical cataclysm? And, even if he does, what kind of world will they all face?

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