September 2016Crazy LuckyClayton J. CallahanAll Liddy wanted was her space ship backÖwas that too much to ask?

She had the money (well most of it anyway) to buy it back at a customs auction. But wouldnít you know it, some jerk in a black jacket wanted the Sundancer too and the bidding went to high heaven. Thanks, Jack! Now the two ex-cons each own half of a one-man ship, and neither Liddy nor Jack think thatís going to work out in the long run.
September 2016Five Moons - RevolutionBill ParkerMy own people, Anoza not humans, came in the night to kill me, to kill my unborn child, to finish an ancient evil. Only Dallas Blake, wounded and bleeding, stood against them, but he did. It was all that we could do to just fight for our very lives, but that was not the end of it. The evil ones had kidnaped my father.

How much worse could this get? To rescue my father, the Five Moons would be pitted against unknown forces with technology a million years more advanced. A whole Merc rebellion was coming to a boil out beyond the Seven Pillars, right where the Five Moons needed to go. It was led by Dallasí arch nemesis, Sarsen Tabbot. And then we would have to cross the Great Rift into unknown Anoza space.

But the Five Moons is more than just a starship. It is the Nexus of Fates. It chose each one of us for a reason. Its last choice could blow this whole thing wide open.
September 2016Author RexArthur EstesArthur Rex recreates the story of three of our iconic heroes: Merlin, Arthur and their eternal enemy, Mordred. The story begins as an aging Merlin searches for a pagan temple where his youth might be restored. Instead, he stumbles into Mordredís clever trap. Merlin escapes, but Camelot is destroyed and Arthur killed. In turn Merlin captures Mordred, crosses the Atlantic, and entombs his enemy deep in the American wilderness. Lifetimes pass. Fate intervenes. Mordred burst from his tomb. Their battles begin anew in the 21st century United States where Merlin has discovered his new Arthur. From there their war reaches far beyond our earth to an Eden-like planet at the center of the Milky Way. Their ultimate confrontation takes place in a fantastic dimension where Mordred and Merlin face their origins and the deaths of all three warriors. The outcome of this last fantastic combat determines freedom or slavery for human life on our earth. September 2016Judgement At St. MarcellineLee B. WoodsOn a Caribbean island, a career criminal is confident he has dodged a cold case murder charge until a spiritual force from the distant past compels him to pay the ultimate price. September 2016Forbidden SummitKirk J. PocanDanvedi Garwal is the highest peak in the Toribol system; a magnificent stratocone volcano rising high above the surface of the tiny Lochlon moon, Utha. The mountain remains unconquered after repeated attempts by climbers from dozens of worlds where alpine climbing is an interplanetary obsession. Now, Alois Anwar will finally get his chance to lead a group of the finest mountaineers alive to the top. But there is more to the challenge than reaching the summit. The Amanian ascent team faces political complications from a rival nemisis Trescan team advancing on the opposite side of the mountain, along with everything else the mountain throws at them including deadly parasites, period cyclones, ice worms, pagan myths, the hopelessness of failure and the greatest obstacle of all...themselves. September 2016Stonewise DreamerChristina St. ClairSťances, psychic phenomena in postwar England? Emily, a girl with a stone talisman that imprisons a witch, wants to be ordinary, but even her dream to go to Cambridge University is far from the norm in 1950 for working class girls. Her new friends, Maisie and George, are sometimes downright odd. Maisie, a brilliant scholarship student at Newnham, is fat and shoplifts. George is gay and hates the idea of having to be like his rich father. Emily knows full well it is dangerous to play with Ouija boards, but she goes along with her friends. Try though she might, she canít help but be drawn into other-worldly experiences.

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September 2016

Keyís Origin takes us into the life of Belian Teorenn, a young telepath who is accepted into the prestigious and feared Knights Order; a privilege reserved for telepaths. Seen as the superior race, telepaths are required to uphold strict laws as the majority of humanity lack such powers. The Knights Order is their sole position of power throughout Evionís society, and Belianís twin sister, Fron, who was allowed to enter the Order three years prior, has sullied their fragile reputation by doing murder within their ranks.

In his quest for answers, Belian is drawn into the political and religious turmoil that befals Evion as an entity is discovered in the sky: the prophesized return of an old God.

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September 2016

Municipal City: the only place in the world where you can be anyone. Anyone from your favorite movies, books, TV shows, comics, video games or any cult media you can imagine. This is not virtual reality. This is real.

Randy comes to this city to discard his failed life in the outside world and become a new person. Life in this city should not to be taken lightly however, the false worlds are very real and so are the dangers.

Municipal City: the only place in the world where you have the technology to do anything, and a drug called Elixir to give you the speed and strength to do it. But in a city of millions of outcasts, where each one is given incredible power, each one is faced with the same choice as Randy: will he use this power to serve his city or to serve himself?

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