May 2016SeatopiaDr. David J. WimerIn the 22nd century ocean levels have risen and most of the world’s coastal cities are under water. Wealthier citizens from America now live under the ocean in a series of interconnected bubble dome cities known as Seatopia, while poorer citizens and outcasts live in anarchistic chaos on the shrunken land.

Jonathan Briar is a talented hologram artist with bipolar disorder who is madly in love with a holographic woman of his own creation. He works for the most powerful corporation in Seatopia, and he has a difficult decision to make after discovering that his employer is involved in a scandal causing the suffering of millions. Meanwhile, Kristin Thatcher and Marcus Taylor are members of a dissident faction from the land who seek revenge on Seatopia for the brutal execution of their leader and mentor.

Seatopia, Book 1: Living Water Sculptures is the story of how a disparate group of heroines and heroes work together to reclaim freedom from an oppressive false paradise in a brutal and chaotic world.
May 2016Facticity BluesJake Camp“Jake Camp starts with an exotic island where social conventions are bent or abandoned and where linguistic invention is a way of life, mixes in characters that are somewhat beyond the fringe but not freakish, adds a dash of philosophy to keep you questioning everything, ladles it out with a style as fresh and salty as the sea that swells under every scene, and serves up a delicious literary dish entitled Facticity Blues. This is a bubbling bouillabaisse of a book, full of tasty surprises and layers of flavors that will please any reader’s palate.”

--Ron Cooper, author of Hume’s Fork, Purple Jesus and The Gospel of the Twin
May 2016Arctic QuestD.L. NarrolIt’s almost 1911. Colin Limmerick, the handsome sea captain, has a problem. He’s stuck with a twenty-eight-thousand-year-old Neanderthal on board his ship. He realizes he must venture into another time-travel quest to bring the ancient beast back to its own time period.

Rosa, the pretty archaeology Ph.D. student, instills to eccentric Russian-scientist, Dr. Sasha Dimitrikov that they need another means of fuelling the time machine. The inventor of time travel has the idea of converging magnetic lines at magnetic true north in the Arctic to fuel the time machine and deliver the Neanderthal back to its time period.

Limmerick, Dimitrikov, Rosa, and the sexy chancellor of the university venture Arctic waters, where they are confronted by an unexpected blast from their future. A Soviet sub from 1970 slips through the time vortex! Just what Colin, Rosa, and Dr. Dimitrikov needed on this mission.
May 2016Messages Through Angel LeighDr. Sue CliftonWho is Angel Leigh? Angel explains it best: “I am a Spiritual Messenger. All information given to me comes from within and is God given. I do not seek information from external sources such as tarot cards, crystal balls, or Ouija boards. I do not seek the Souls but am merely a messenger for those Souls who seek me and give me messages to deliver. I am not a fortuneteller or a predictor of the future. I believe only God knows our future.”

In Angel Leigh Book 2, the messages of thirty-eight Souls, plus many third party messages, are delivered to their loved ones. This book consists of messages sent by the Souls of babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents, husbands, wives, other family members and friends. Included with these Souls and recipients are: a well known Nashville country western singer sending messages to her daughter and best friend; a father sending a message to his daughter, a prominent President and Editor-in-Chief of a New York publishing company; and a daughter and sister, along with other family members, sending messages to a renowned Montana Crow artist.

What is heaven like? Angel describes heaven just as she sees it for each Soul and answers the question “Is heaven the same for all who enter, or is heaven ‘customized’ for each Soul?” Imagine lightly falling snow, glittering magically, and “it is not cold.” Or picture a mountain meadow with the wind “swirling, leaving trails of pinks, reds, and blues.” And what if mud trails for four-wheeling, a beautiful orchard with trees laden with peaches, and a kitchen from the 1940’s can also become “customized” heavens?

Can babies communicate messages to their mothers? Will husbands and wives be together in heaven? Do the Souls know what is going on with their families and loved ones on earth? Can Souls send signs?

Angel Leigh Book 2 is both thought provoking and comforting. Many questions, as Angel says, “can only be answered by God.” But, between these covers, questions about the afterlife are answered as the Souls send Messages Through Angel Leigh.
May 2016The Time OutlawS.R. RemusGunfights, adult romance, time travel, and a trench coat that stops bullets? All coursed around a man whose own father, seemingly, wants him dead? Welcome to the fast-paced city of Apache. Time Rifter Jensen James is continually hunted down by The Department of Time Justice, but when it’s revealed to Jensen that those who were protecting him, may have other intentions, he’s thrust through varying time periods in his life, left to figure out, who is here to help, and who just wants him dead. May 2016Blight In The OceanGillian DuceBoh and his group of mixed, hidden world beings, try to gather their senses after the kidnapping of Frieda, the great vampire witch. They seek to find the elements that wish to control her and stumble into a secondary problem of salvaging an Atlantean flying craft. Elves, witches, werewolves, vampires, dark witches and wraith-makers clash at the fortress of the fauns where they battle for the very freedom of the world.

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April 2016

Detective Jim Holmes moved from the London Met to Tokyo in order to widen his experience, working with the fabled Chief Inspector Stella Koide. This turns out to be much more than he bargained for, when the murder of a Kabuki-cho prostitute leads to identification of a series of sadistic murders far beyond his worst nightmares. Attacks on the detectives expose links to the yakuza and also members of an exotic nightclub that caters for the more exotic sexual tastes of the ultra-rich.

The team’s uncanny ability to solve cryptic clues reveals deeper layers of an international conspiracy, with links to illegal human genetic engineering and corporate espionage run from the other side of the world. To expose the secret manipulator behind this labyrinthine plot will require direct confrontation on his home ground. As the risks to the detectives increase, Koide´s high-tech tools and Holmes’ understanding of the character of their foe must be combined, not only to crack the case, but also to keep them alive long enough to do so.

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April 2016

When Kathleen Flynn's partner, Anna, mysteriously vanishes while swimming along the Irish coast one day, her brother Niall and niece Caitlin immediately shift into action to find her. Has Anna chosen simply to abandon her long-time companion, or has she met with foul play? The Flynns' friends from the underground enclave of Hamelyn and the world of Faerie join in to help uncover the reasons behind Anna's disappearance, while at the same time a far more sinister team is forming - one which doesn't have the Flynns' best interests at heart....

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